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The curious case of Nigel Farage vs. Nicholas Fromage and the sixth form kids

23rd Dec 14 9:42 am

Well, this is awkward.

Nigel Farage has publicly lampooned an app called Ukik, in which the player controls a character called Nicholas Fromage who kicks immigrants off the White Cliffs of Dover.

The app’s description page has a letter from “Nicholas Fromage” saying: “Do foreign voices on trains scare you? Can you handle a European living next door?

“Does your wife refuse to clean behind the fridge? Do you think women are too stupid to win a game of chess or have a top-level job? If you are feeling irrational and want to live in a rightwing hellhole then vote Ukik this May.

“These people might improve our economy, contribute to our culture and make Britain great but they are different to us so let’s kick them all out.”

UKIK game - kicking off cliffs

Farage said elements of the game were “risible and pathetic”, such as gaining a “racism” rating for expulsing immigrants from the country, he told the Kentish Gazette.

But here’s the thing.

This game has been developed by a small group of sixth-formers at Caterbury Academy.

Which makes Farage’s criticism a bit awkward.

The school’s principal Phil Karnavas said: “Mr Farage can’t have it both ways. He cannot expect young people to engage in politics and then criticise what they say when they do.”

He added that the app is “brilliant, traditional British satire”.

Karnavas said: “Never has a British political party offered themselves so easily to satire.

“It’s a bit rich, bearing in mind some of the things the members of Ukip have said, for their leader to say they have crossed the line.”

A UKIP spokesperson responded by telling The Independent: “We’re all for people having a bit of fun, and in this case a bit of a pop, but bandying around words like ‘racist’ is a bit much.”

Farage had previously explained to the Kentish Gazette: “I think I’m quite well known for having a sense of humour.

“I’m a public figure and of course people are going to have views. But elements of this game appear to cross the line.”

Do you think the app is fair game, or have the sixth-formers gone too far? Let me know @sophiehobson


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