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The best car rental services for business trips

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1st Jul 20 3:00 pm

If you enjoy travel, a business trip can be one of the more interesting parts of employment. You’re still getting paid to work but you get the chance to leave the stuffy office. But before you head out on the road, save your car a few miles by hiring a vehicle. Before you use just any odd service, we recommend that you look into using one of these top car rental services for business trips. They’ll save you time and money on your trip.


If you’re looking for a company that’s known worldwide with locations across Australia, Avis is a top choice for you. They’re located in airports and major cities and are known for their good reputation. You can book with Avis through their online Avis Australia website for a no-hassle experience. A drawback with Avis isthat you’ll be hard-pressed to make use of their repairmen outside the city if you intend to drive out into the country.

Zippy rentals

For a regional option, we recommend Zippy Rentals. They have four locations throughout the Perth area and can offer a wide range of vehicles. You can pick from two-door or four-door cars, SUV’s, even trucks if you so wish (though we don’t recommend showing up for a business meeting in a truck). You can also hire through Zippy Rentals via their online option or receive a quote.


If you are looking to take the scenic route past the cities and through the countryside, Hertz is the way to go. With their Outback collection, you can rent whatever you need to drive through the bush. They’ll even throw in a tent should you need it. Just be sure to make it back to the city in time for that business trip. Hertz vehicles can be rented across Australia and in airports, making them a highly convenient service.

Shop around

There are plenty of wonderful car rental services dotted across Australia. Do some comparison shopping and find the best choice for you. And remember, just because it’s a business trip doesn’t mean you can have fun!

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