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The benefits of broadband in the UK

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24th Dec 19 2:25 pm

Broadband is shaping the lives of many all over the globe, particularly in the United Kingdom. It helps boost the digital connectivity of all industries across the entire country. In this day and age, that is a great advantage to hold on to as almost everyone and everything has already gone digital. The word “connectivity” is now mostly related to Internet connectivity.

Broadband is an all-encompassing term used to refer to a high-speed Internet connection. With its kind of speed, users are able not just to send messages over the Internet, but also to download various forms of entertainment whatnots. In general, a Broadband connection can go as fast as 40 times more than the speed of a dial-up connection.

What is broadband and how does it work? 

Broadband generally refers to a fast Internet connection. Before broadband came into being, the Internet connection was highly dependent on a dial-up connection. At that time, this seemed good enough, but telecommunications companies were looking for ways to improve Internet speed. While dial-up functioned well enough, it eventually became too slow. Then, it was tied up to phone lines in such a way that if someone called you, you’d lose the Internet. As a result, you always ended up choosing between the two.

Broadband, as you know it today, is the better and faster version of a dial-up connection. With this, you can be on the phone and surf the Internet at the same time.

Broadband can be transmitted in the following ways:

  • This transmission works through certain hardware. This includes either a modem or a router. The connection comes from your local phone line. An ISP test is performed and activates the Internet connection. With the modem plugged to the phone socket, the connection begins.
  • Fiber optics. This kind of connection is also referred to as “the next generation of broadband.” Fiber optics collectively refers to tiny wires that transmit light pulses. This type of broadband Internet connection is the fastest there is in the world right now. While this isn’t available in all places yet, soon enough, it will be. Once that happens, everyone gets to enjoy an Internet speed that’s five times faster than ADSL.
  • This type of connection is one that is offered by television cable companies. With their existing cables, these companies can connect both the TV channels and the Internet at the same time. The speeds are quite similar as that of ADSL.


  • This type of broadband connection is one of the fairly new kinds. It’s hooked up to a satellite dish, a setup that’s reminiscent of cell phone companies and signals. With this kind of connection, you have the option of a one-way or download-only, or two-way Internet connection. This, however, is highly dependent on good weather conditions.
  • This type of broadband connection is the newest. You’re able to access the Internet connection anytime and anywhere for as long as you’ve got an existing mobile phone signal. This is also similar to the Wi-Fi connections that are available for homes and offices. Even with just one device, the entire house can have an Internet connection.

Benefits of broadband connection

  1. Boosts productivity

Nowadays, a gigantic number of personal and professional transactions in the United Kingdom are completed over the Internet. With broadband through providers such as QuoteGrab, enterprises no longer have to suffer the adverse effects of poor connectivity during peak business hours. With a broadband connection, productivity is improved for the very reason that the speed of the Internet isn’t tampered with even during times when online traffic is unimaginable.

  1. Sharing of internet connection across devices now possible

The Wi-Fi connection that’s present in offices and homes is one of the best examples of the sharing of Internet connection. Yes, with a broadband connection, you don’t only share files. Internet users are now able to share the connection themselves. This means that in one location, many devices can share one Internet connection. This is precisely what’s done in homes and offices, whereby one Internet connection is shared among multiple devices. Cellphones, laptops, and even computers all have the ability to do this.

For example, you’re in a place with no Internet connection, but there’s a person in your group that has a strong mobile connection. By connecting or tethering to that mobile phone network, you’ll have your own Internet connection as well. Tethering means connecting to a device that has an Internet connection. Through this form of sharing, your device also gets a strong connection.

  1. Everyone stays connected

Through a secure broadband connection, the UK has better connectivity to the rest of the world.

Today, conversations and transactions can be done in just a few clicks. Years back, a fax machine was necessary to send messages overseas. Even more primitively, one has to hunt for the number of anyone they wish to talk to through yellow pages before they could make a call.

Today, this is no longer the case. With the presence of smartphones and other devices, communication is pretty much straightforward. Overseas calls can now be made through the likes of Messenger or Viber, and without any surcharge. Emails and text messages are also shared faster. Basically, everyone stays connected for as long as a broadband connection exists.

  1. Telemedicine is now possible

Broadband Internet connection is also improving the healthcare system in the United Kingdom and other developed countries. One of the ways that it does so is through the process known as telemedicine.


Telemedicine is a product of the advancements in the Internet and telecommunications industry. This is a miracle for those who need healthcare benefits and services but are unable to avail of them quickly because they live far from major hospitals or they’re burdened by physical disabilities, making it hard for them to travel.

With a strong Internet connection, doctors can now be able to meet patients through video conferencing. If tests need to be done, the patient only has to travel to the nearest hospital that has the required machines for certain procedures. Then, the results are transported from that hospital to the doctor for evaluation and assessment. This cuts down the need for patients to travel far; when you’re sick, all that traveling only means added discomfort.

Here are other ways that telemedicine has proven to be beneficial across the UK and other countries worldwide:

  • It cuts down the waiting time of patients, so the queue in doctors’ clinics are shorter. Not only is this more comfortable for the patients themselves, but also enables doctors to see more patients in a day.
  • It offers competitive healthcare services even to patients who couldn’t make it to the bigger hospitals before.
  1. Enables online file-sharing

With a fast broadband connection, online file-sharing can be done. You can easily attach files on emails and other connectivity services, such as Messenger, iMessage, Viber, and WhatsApp. This cuts down the need to have to send files physically through the mail and wait for it to be received.

With an online file-sharing system, tasks can be completed across the UK and the world in such a fast manner. Apart from that, more UK citizens can now work from home. This is a very positive change for people who badly need that opportunity, such as mothers and students working on the side. Completing jobs no longer have to be limited and confined to working in physical offices and face-to-face meetings.

  1. Better budgeting for families

Families across the UK, and the world, in general, work around a budget. During this age when everything seems to be so expensive, families are looking for the best ways for them to stay within the budget. One of these ways is through having a broadband connection.

Gone are the days when a broadband Internet connection is regarded as more expensive than dial-up ones. Today, having one can actually work out to be cheaper. Why is that? It enables you to pay for a fixed price. When you sign up for a broadband service, you get to choose the package that you want. Usually, this is dependent on the speed needed and the size of your home or office area. When you subscribe to this package, it’s often infrequent for you to get charged with add-on costs.

This is unlike dial-up, wherein you get charged for every time that you use the Internet. With broadband, even if you don’t turn off your Internet system at home, you’re still paying for the same fixed price for which you originally subscribed.

This cheap price also applies even when members of the household have to make overseas calls. When there’s a broadband Internet connection at home, calls can be made over VoIP technologies, which include video calls or through apps such as Messenger, Skype, and Viber.

  1. 24/7 connection

With a dial-up connection, it’s close to impossible to have a 24/7 connection. When phone lines get busy, it’s very hard for the Internet to go through. This means that when a call has to be made over the phone, the Internet connection is put on a temporary hold. Then, the user has to wait for a few more minutes before the connection returns to normal.

A broadband connection addresses such a concern. Making calls and surfing the Internet can be done simultaneously. For as long as the connection is plugged in, you’re promised access to a 24/7 connection.

  1. Enables internet users to enjoy media-rich websites

Media-rich websites refer to those that have a lot of images and videos to show. Years back, a dial-up connection isn’t very efficient at loading heavy media files. All it could handle was heavy text. Today, Internet users across the UK and the world can even enjoy streaming hours-long movies for as long as a broadband connection exists.

Broadband has leveled up the entertainment capacity of individuals. Some homes no longer even have televisions simply because they can do almost everything over their phones and other handheld devices. Travel and commute are better, too, as people are now kept busier and more entertained than usual. Killing time has never been more enjoyable.

  1. Opens more doors for education and employment

Technology is a wonderful gift, especially for those who choose to use it wisely. As technology continues to flourish, so is the usage of the Internet as well. Today, many use  broadband Internet to obtain an education and have a job.

In the past, when the Internet connection was only limited to dial-up, online schools and jobs weren’t that popular yet. This is because learning and working online is dependent on a fast and stable Internet connection.

Also, some people are incapacitated by certain circumstances that hinder them from physically going to offices or universities. Some may be suffering from physical difficulties, while others may have family members they need to take care of, such as young kids, for instance. In these situations, the family’s budget may suffer if only one parent gets to work.

Today, through the broadband Internet, many more people in the UK are able to get employed and educated online, a welcome recourse for those who really need to earn money and for those who want to fulfill  their academic dreams.

From the comforts of their own homes, people could already enrol to courses they’ve been wishing to take and attend classes in between chores or any other times that feel most convenient to them. Also, skilled individuals could as well put their expertise into good use simply by going online to look for clients, who are more than willing to hire them for remote or home-based jobs. Through the help of a broadband connection, they’re able to secure the future of their respective families.


Broadband connection answers almost every concern of families and businesses around the United Kingdom. It’s not anymore just a want, but a need they can’t live without. Connectivity is very important for industries to continue to expand, and for families, especially with members scattered all around the globe, to be much closer to each other.

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