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Ten life hacks for college freshmen

by Sarah Dunsby
13th Aug 18 11:12 am


Making a transition from high school life to campus life can be difficult and challenging for the majority of the students.  College is a big adjustment whereby living in a hostel and attending college classes are one of the two major life adjustments that students face. Academic writers from https://customessayorder.com/ have prepared a list of life hacks that an incoming college freshman should be acquainted with to make life much easier. The following essay stipulates ten life hacks that college students need to know.

Always remember your schedule

Incoming freshmen must choose their class schedules during orientation. They must also choose an ideal time to attend their lectures. For example, if one’s decides to stay up till late at night they can adjust their morning schedule according to their preference. Every student in college must be aware of their schedule. A student is supposed to set a home screen on their phones in form of an image. According to brand man, this will enable the freshmen not to look lost. Lastly, they should remember to schedule some extra time alone. Students are advised to attend all the classes even though some may seem easier because they will require the easier subjects to balance their grades at the end of the semester.

Must avoid oversleeping

They should avoid oversleeping because it can lead to missed lessons and poor academic performance. One of the simple solutions of oversleeping is making investment of acquiring a reliable alarm clock. For instance, if a student is a late riser who cannot operate at an early hour, the student must consider scheduling all the classes at a later hour of the day if it is possible. College freshmen should give themselves enough time to know the school topography so that they can avoid being lost on the way to class during their first days at the university.

There are several ways incoming freshmen can avoid oversleeping. For example, they can place their phone on a glass cup. They can set an alarm and the reverberation of the alarms assists to amplify sound. Moreover, the extra step taken in reaching the phone from the glass cup to turn it off is very crucial.  They can also engage in co-circular activities for example football and athletics. Sleeping late will also result to poor grades.

Desk management

Desk management is vital for incoming college freshmen.  The desk should be arranged in an orderly manner. It also entails quality time management. For example, managing time to attend five or six college classes may not seem easy even when a person knows the secret is starting earlier. Most of the students often struggle with the issue of effective time management and balancing class work and social life. Learning the skill of managing time on a busy schedule is beneficial for a freshman in the long run. This helps to reduce stress and also getting more sleep. Desk management will enable the students to resume their semester on the right track.

Create friendship with other students

It is vital for college students to have friends.  Friends will assist a newbie to get notes in case one is not able to attend some classes. One can create friendship by getting to know all the students in the hall hence building a community in the university. Further formation of group studies with friends in the library increases productivity. Study groups encourage one on one talk, integration and strong friendship ties.

According to the brand name the majority of the college, freshmen spend less time partying and socializing and more time on social media and studying. Further these students are supposed to spend more time with their role models.  This will enable them to learn, improve their confidence and skills. Experts from brand name suggest that when trying to make friends, everyone should remember to relax and be themselves since everyone is in the same boat when it comes to creating friendship around the college.

Make some coffee

One of the important life hacks of college students is food hacks. Some of the colleges do not allow students to have a coffee pot in their dorms, and yet it important to have a cup of coffee every morning, an incoming student can do the following. The student should cut the bottom of a foam cup, then place a coffee filter on the hole and cover it. The last stage is filtering coffee grinds while holding the mug over a jug and pour boiling water over the grinds. Coffee acts as stimulant and can also be taken at night during study time.

They should be in touch with recipes that are compatible when using a mug and a microwave

Most of the college students get accommodation in kitchen fewer dorms hence relying on fast foods from cafeterias. Such lifestyle makes them get old fast and also lead unhealthy lives. It is important for incoming college freshmen to have a microwave. Moreover, meals made from mugs are good for college dorm cuisine because they are easy to clean and use too. Further, they do not require maximum checkup. The following are some of the recipes that can be prepared using the microwave; scrambled eggs, chocolate chip cookies, thick and creamy oatmeal, and cheese. The microwave is easy to use especially when making breakfast in the morning.

Read with ease

Another life hack for college freshmen is reading with ease. This entails nights of binge reading. For example, if students are supposed to have online studies and classes, they are supposed to switch their fonts to times new roman because it is the easiest and the fastest fonts for the students to use. If they have a lot of reading to do and cannot gather the strength to read, it is important to add a little incentive to the assignment. For example, they can take a bite after the end of each chapter or maybe paragraph. Lastly incoming freshmen should try to locate a place to study where they are sure of their productivity for example, school libraries.

Listen to recorded lectures at 1.5x speed

It is important to listen to lecture recordings at a speed that is increased in order to muster the content a bit faster.  They can also take and record lecture notes especially students from maths and science classes simultaneously. They can also have an option of changing the playback speed of the video that may clip on the page so that they can listen to it their lectures at 1.5 x speeds or maybe at 2.0 x speeds.

Set the phone lock screen to the class schedule

Setting a phones lock screen to the class schedule is important during the first week in the university. This helps in making things much easier for the student. Moreover, students can avoid distractions during class time by downloading an app. for example the self-control app that blocks disturbing websites for a certain time. A student cannot access such sites until the time set expires.

Sit in the front row

If a student is struggling to pay attention in class, it is advised that they sit in the front row. Sitting on the front role will restrict them from dozing off in class. Sitting on the back row results in rapping of notebooks, causing trouble, and also being disruptive during class time. They should sit in a position where they would get embarrassed if found misbehaving. If incoming college freshmen are forced to sit at the front row, they become more competitive and also they will score higher grades.


In conclusion, the ten life hacks for college students are critical to know. College freshmen should avoid oversleeping, and must have a schedule set as the phone lock screen to avoid disruptions moreover those students with poor listening skills must force themselves to occupy the front rows of the lecture halls to avoid disruptions and dozing off.  Thus it is important for college freshmen to master these life hacks to have a much easier life in the university.

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