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Ten jobs that will pay the bills for a digital nomad

by John Saunders
22nd Dec 20 2:07 pm

Covid-19 has impacted each human life in unimaginable ways. We have all had to make major life adjustments that many of us were not ready for. Some of us become teachers for our kids, some of us realised the importance of spending time with our family, while some of us are just trying to make ends meet

Where once the lifestyle of digital nomads was taunted as work of the lazy or only someone with a little ’financial cushion’ can be allowed to explore – is now helping many cover their monthly expenses. A digital nomad is defined as someone who uses modern-day technology to earn a living. This person generally lives a nomadic lifestyle and is set-up at remote locations – foreign countries, coffee shops, co-working spaces to name a few

Essentially, with the right skill-set and a little bit of training, anyone could become a digital nomad. To get started stay tuned for our list of top 10 jobs best-suited for a digital nomad

The top 10

1. Digital marketing

Whether we like it or not we have become a digital society. From our morning news to our last check-in’s everything happens at the touch of our hands. Yet, many businesses are having a hard time keeping track of their social media accounts. Digital marketing offers relief for those who might be slightly technically challenged. Scheduling Facebook posts, updating pinboards, or even getting that latest selfie on Instagram – by tapping into your time management skills digital marketing can be a fun job for a nomadic person

2. Freelance content writing

The internet is the abyss of creativity. Someone somewhere is always in the search for persons to create meaningful content. If writing is something you thrive on then there are endless amounts of opportunities waiting for you. Copy-writing, proofreading, technical writing, academic writing, and ghostwriting are some of the few subjects you can excel in. More so, the great thing about being freelance is that you are not bound by an official contract allowing you to collaborate with different employers at the same time

3. Blogging

This is a tricky one, however, if done right, it has all the potential of becoming a full-time job. The key to blogging is patience as it can take years to learn the tricks of the trade. To be a successful blogger one should familiarise themselves with skills such as search engine optimisation, in-depth research, and strong analytic comprehension. It’s worth mentioning that the topics of traveling and cooking seem to prevail the most with the nomadic blogging community

4. Tutoring

If you are blessed enough to have mastered multiple languages you can become an instant online tutor. Something as simple as teaching someone basic English can be done within three simple steps. All you need is a good internet connection, a computer or digits device, and a few free hours of your day to spare – and just like that you have become an online tutor

5. Your own YouTube channel

Who are we kidding when we say that we have not secretly made videos to put on YouTube in hopes of becoming an overnight success story? Well if you are passionate about something and are not camera shy then that dream may not be too far off from reality. From cooking, cleaning, traveling and the ever so trendy make-up tutorials these videos can be done anywhere – perfect for a digital nomad

6. Computer programming

If you have a fascination with computer codes then the computer programming industry is perfect for you. Businesses have taken notice of the digital revolution and seem to be hiring more people who understand this jargon to stay on with this trend. More so, the computer programming industry pays handsomely

7. Virtual assistant

This job is perfect for those still apprehensive about the digital nomad life. It requires practically no special skill-sets, therefore, allowing any newbie to dive right in. As a virtual assistant, you provide online support to business owners and clients alike

8. Coach or consult

In today’s day and age, everyone can use a life coach or consultant. From running a business, finding financial stability, to even getting help with your weight loss journey a coach or consultant can always lead the way to success. If there is a certain area you feel you can assist people in, then you can get started today. 

9. Graphic designing

Graphic design is a goldmine for digital nomads. It can be done entirely online without leaving the comfort of your home. So whether you know a thing or two about graphic designing or are willing to take learning courses online, graphic designing will certainly bring you monetary bliss

10. Translating

As a translator you’re reading through original materials to translate documents into specified language(s) precisely and accurately, maintaining message content and context. And you’re checking translations of technical terms and related sources to be sure that the translated documents are accurate and consistent throughout translation. Translators are mainly translating to their own native language. Do you have the love for languages, then working as a translator could be an interesting field to explore

The Internet is an endless monetary mine if you know where to look. As our extensive list reflects living the life of a digital nomad is much easier than one deems to make it. Besides, the best thing about these jobs is that anyone of them can be overlapped. You can be an online consultant while running your own Youtube Channel. Or you can write a book while working as a freelance content writer. It’s needless to say that the possibility of combinations is infinite

What’s next?

The basic first step to becoming a digital nomad is understanding what your calling is. From there you can decide if you need to polish up any skills, and then with a little bit of planning, you can be on your way to living the digital nomadic lifestyle. And who knows, something you may start as a hobby may end up becoming the career path you may have always been in the search for

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