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Take a look at this virtual sommelier for your supermarket shop

by LLB Reporter
2nd May 18 7:56 am

High-tech wine selection

Wine recommendation app Corkscrew is expanding its service to all national supermarkets and wine merchants this week, to demystify baffling wine aisles with a digital sommelier. Taking the uncertainty out of wine selection, the app sifts through the thousands of wines available to shoppers and instantly recommends the best bottle to complement their dinner, so that they can confidently pick the perfect wine, every time.

Transforming how consumers choose wine by becoming ‘the sommelier in your pocket’ – the app gives users wine recommendations based on personal preferences, food choice and critic reviews. Rather than giving generic recommendations like other apps, Corkscrew recommends wines from the actual range in that supermarket. Corkscrew also works in national merchants including Majestic and Oddbins and also covers all chain restaurants including Cafe Rouge, Strada and Côte.

Corkscrew Founder and CEO, Matthew Gertner says: “Stepping into the supermarket wine aisle is a baffling experience for most consumers. The variety is so overwhelming that most people choose based on price without any idea of quality, or simply buy the same wine every time. I’m as frustrated as anyone when I find myself surrounded by walls of wine, with no objective information to guide me. Corkscrew was born out of this desire to demystify the wine selection process and help people feel more confident when picking wines.”

Available for iOS and Android, Corkscrew pre-loads the wine databases from retailers nearby, and arms the user with a simple and objective percentage score to help them pick the best wine for their price point. The scoring takes into account not only critic ratings, but the pedigree of the producer, the quality of the vintage, and the user’s personal preferences. The higher the percentage score, the better the wine match. Uniquely, Corkscrew also enables shoppers to pair their chosen meal with the perfect wine on the aisle, through its OmniPair™ algorithm, based on their specific dish and thousands of wine flavours – as identified by its in-house sommelier.

Corkscrew Sommelier, Matt Day say: “There is a real science to food and wine pairing. We’ve quantified 10,000 unique wine flavours with each having a specific ‘DNA’ composed of sweetness, fruitiness, acidity, alcohol and body. Our unique algorithm then crunches through all of this data to come up with perfect wine match to complement a specific meal – from the perfect Sangiovese to bolster your Bolognese to the best Riesling to tame your Vindaloo.”

Gertner continues: “With our state-of-the-art software mining up-to-date wine lists from national retail chains, combined with professional reviews from leading critics and our in-house sommelier, Corkscrew provides a radically new and compelling approach to choosing wine. This is great news for wine drinkers looking to experiment, as well as tech-savvy millennials, who to date have been attracted by craft beers and single malt spirits, but have not been engaging with wine in the same way. Corkscrew offers an exciting route to empower consumers with the know-how and confidence to try new wines.” 

Corkscrew is free to use and is expanding its wine recommendation service from fine-dining London restaurants, to all nationwide supermarkets and wine merchants and nationwide chain restaurants. The latest version of the Corkscrew app is set to go live the start of May 2018.  Further planned app developments for 2018 include the ability to buy wines online, food barcode scanning in supermarkets to deliver wine-food pairing recommendations, as well as wine label visuals being incorporated into the app. 

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