Home Business News Taipie prepares for military conflict and a China-US war over Taiwan would cause ‘seismic’ economic ‘reactions globally’

Taipie prepares for military conflict and a China-US war over Taiwan would cause ‘seismic’ economic ‘reactions globally’

by LLB political Reporter
25th Apr 23 1:30 pm

Western governments have been accused of not doing enough to prepare for the “seismic” economic “reactions” that would be felt “across the world” of war breaks out between China and the US over Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister has said Taipei are preparing for the possibility of war with China and they are taking the Beijing’s “military threat very seriously.”

Defence expert Dr Alan Mendoza warned a China-US war would see far reaching consequences which would be far worse than what was experience during the global pandemic.

Dr Mendoza warned that “supply chains” would see delays which would be felt globally, but this could be avoided if governments start planning now for the next world-wide crisis.

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The defence expert, executive director of the Henry Jackson Society told The Sun, “The reality is everything is so fragile on supply chains. Even a slight delay would have seismic reactions across the world.

“During Covid, countries tried to get things through but there was never a complete cessation of supply.

“That wouldn’t be the case in the event of a war. You simply cannot have supply going out if a small country like Taiwan is attacked.”

He added, “It doesn’t take decades to prepare. A decent plan can be conceived within six months. They should have the stocks in place so they’re not grasping for things.”

Relations between China and the US has deteriorated, and Taiwan is a boiling “flashpoint” and Beijing has not ruled out there could be force on the island.

Dr Mendoza explained that Taiwan is known for its “silicon shield” as the country is a global superpower in semiconductor production.

He warned that the semiconductors are used in virtually every part of society from, cars, TVs, smartphones, cars and other industry sectors that we rely on daily.

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister believe that China will declare war on Taiwan in 2027 following US intelligence reports.

China regards Taiwan as their territory despite Taipei declaring independence in 1895 and US intelligence believe that Xi Jinping has given orders to prepare for war and to annex the country.

China sees Taiwan as a renegade province and that the country are a self-governing island, and Jinping has insisted Taipei “cannot be passed on from generation to generation,” the Guardian reported.

Last week China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang said that the two sides of the Taiwan Strait belongs to China and in a warning to the US he said, “those who play with fire on Taiwan will eventually get themselves burned.”

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