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Kyiv calls for allies to show the same ‘unity’ as they do with Israel and protect their skies

16th Apr 24 3:19 pm

Ukraine calls for Western allies to show the same “unity” to Kyiv as they did to Israel by helping to shoot down drones and missiles.

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has grown frustrated with the constant delays by the West for military aid such as air defences to stop Russian attacks on energy infrastructure and civilian buildings.

President Zelensky wrote on Telegram, “The intensity of Russian attacks requires greater unity”.

“By defending Israel, the free world has demonstrated that such unity is not only possible, but also 100% effective.”

He added that “The same is possible in defending Ukraine, which, like Israel, is not a NATO member, from terror,” and urged Western allies for their “political will.”

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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has called for more military aid “as soon as possible.”

Kuleba added, “We see that when allies act as one in a very coordinated way, not a single missile falls on the targets, reaches targets in Israel.

“Everything we are asking from partners, even if you cannot act the way you act in Israel, give us what we need and we will do the rest of the job.”

After Iran’s attack on Israel on Saturday night politicians are asking why is Ukrainian “airspace” not being defended in the same way the US and UK RAF warplanes protected Israel from missiles and drones.

Czech officials who have given their support for Israel are now asking the question why Ukraine is not receiving a coordinated international response similar to what Israel has received.

Czech European Affairs Minister Martin Dvořák (STAN) posted on X, “The Ayatollah’s overnight attack on Israel was successfully repelled thanks to a swift international response and a willingness to defend airspace.

“It is a pity that we do not defend the airspace over Ukraine with the same vigour…”

“Ukraine deserves the same forceful defence that Israel rightly received from its allies last night,” Danuše Nerudová, the leading candidate of STAN for European elections, wrote on X.

Czech MEP Markéta Gregorová (Pirates, Greens) said, “I totally condemn Iran’s attack on Israel.

“In light of Scholz’s promise yesterday to supply Ukraine with more Patriots, I believe that the West will finally help build air defences that also protect Ukrainian civilians.”

During an interview with LBC’s Nick Ferrari the Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron was asked why the RAF cannot do the same over the skies in Ukraine.

Lord Cameron told LBC, “We’ve done more than any other country individually to help the Ukrainians. We’ve trained over 60,000 Ukrainian troops, we were the first to give them anti-tank weapons, long-range artillery and tanks.”

Lord Cameron then warned that using British assets against Russia could escalate.

He said, “I think the difficulty with what you suggest is if you want to avoid an escalation in terms of a wider European war, I think the one thing you do need to avoid is NATO troops directly engaging Russian troops. That would be a danger of escalation.”

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