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Steps to plan high end events in London

by Sarah Dunsby
4th Dec 18 3:43 pm

Planning an event doesn’t have to be a stressful task. Whether it’s for a wedding, anniversary or a corporate event, the key to any successful event is time and organisation. No matter how big or small, having a well-structured plan in place will help you create a unique experience that will entertain and leave lasting memories for your guests.

Check out our ultimate luxury events planning tips to make sure your upcoming parties run as smoothly as possible.

Wedding events

A wedding day should be the most important day of any couple’s life. Therefore it’s crucial to start off with a solid foundation to make the planning a manageable and pleasant experience.

Weddings can be very expensive so have a realistic budget in mind. There’s the cost for the venue, food, photographer, decorations, personalising invitation cards and much more that will have a way of adding up.

Whether you’re having a small and intimate party or planning a large and lavish celebration, there are many ways you can mark the special day in everyone’s memory. Depending on the design and theme of your wedding, set the date using simple, classic or elegant invitation designs. There’s nothing more special than luxury invitations to show off the personal style of the happy couple.

Once you’ve set the date and sent out the invitations, this will you help focus on the rest of the details that matter.

Anniversary events

Whether you’re planning your one year anniversary with your partner or a twenty years anniversary party for your parents, anniversary events are a great way to honour a couples time spent together. To celebrate this special time with your loved ones doesn’t have to be a difficult task when you follow these simple steps.

Planning any type of event requires setting a date and time. Marking it close to the actual date in advance will give you plenty of time to decide on a theme, location, the number of guests and so on.

If you’re hosting a small get-together you might consider doing it at home or booking a table at a fancy restaurant. If you’re hosting a large gathering, renting a venue space might be more suitable. The time of the anniversary party is also important to consider since a daytime setting will have a completely different feel than an evening party.

Once you’ve organised your guest list and chosen an invitation design, you should send them out 6 to 8 weeks before the set date. It’s also important to mention the deadline date on the invitation, in case you need to adjust your budget and the amount of food and drinks you’ll need.

Party invitations should also mention dress code so guests can be well prepared and know exactly what to expect at the event.

Corporate events

When you’re looking for new ways to engage employees, organising a corporate event is a great way to get everyone together. Some examples of corporate events are trade shows, product launches, business dinners and work holiday parties with live bands for hire. An important starting point to think about is to understand the who, what, when, where and how many guests you intend to invite.

Once you have a proposed date in the diary the next step is to have someone who will be responsible for sending out the invitations. Due to the nature of the event, you can personalise your business invitations in the form of online prints or luxury invitations that will convey to the recipients the style of the event.

Corporate events can be just as luxurious as anniversaries and wedding events, yet still maintain a professional element to them. In that sense, it’s a great way for new and current employees to build connections in a laidback setting.

While we can’t identify all the little details of your event planning, since much of it will depend on the type of event you’ll be hosting. However, the key points to take away is time management, venue, budget and having a set date will allow you to fill in the rest of the details in between.

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