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Special forces ‘destroy’ Russian warship off the coast of Crimea

by LLB staff reporter
14th Feb 24 11:32 am

Ukrainian special forces have “destroyed” a large landing ship, the Caesar Kunikov in a “Valentines Day surprise.”

Vladimir Putin’s prized warship the Caesar Kunikov had several explosions suggesting the vessel was hit multiple times and it was reportedly sunk.

The GUR Ukrainian military intelligence said: “On 14 February 2024, the Main Directorate of Intelligence in cooperation with the Security and Defence Forces of Ukraine destroyed the large [Russian] landing ship Caesar Kunikov…

The successful mission was carried out by the special forces of Group 13 of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate.

“The enemy ship was attacked by striking marine drones Magura V5 off the coast of temporarily occupied Crimea near the town of Alupka

“As a result, the Caesar Kunikov received critical breaches on the left side and began to sink.”

Ukrainian media reported that pro-Kremlin commentator Sergei Markov was furious after the attack, which is now known as the “Valentine’s Day surprise.”

Ukrainian media, have also reported that this shows that the Russian military will now be unable to take the key southern city of Odesa.

He said, “The Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked the large landing ship Caesar Kunikov in Crimea.

“The extent of the damage is not yet clear. Maybe strong.

“In general, the Ukrainian Armed Forces successfully use unmanned sea drones.

“Western experts and Zelensky even claim that in 2023 the Ukrainian Armed Forces won the big battle for the Black Sea.

“Well, that’s not true because the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not have their own ships on the Black Sea.

“But the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ naval drones really create big problems for the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

“And many ships apparently moved from Crimea to Novorossiysk.

“And the likelihood of a large landing operation of the Russian army in Odesa and Mykolaiv is now only theoretical.”

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