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‘Entire platoon of the Russian army’ flees to Crimea and are being ‘hunted down’

by LLB political Reporter
11th Jan 24 10:54 am

A Ukrainian military spokesman has said that an “entire platoon of the Russian army” have fled their positions on the frontlines and ran off to Crimea.

Nearly 40 Russian soldiers fled from their trenches which comes after commanders are warning troops will be executed unless they fight Ukrainian positions.

Oleksandr Shtupun, the spokesman for the Tavria Grouping of Troops, said that this has happened “recently.”

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Speaking to Espreso TV Shtupun said, “Nearly 40 invaders left their trenches and tried to flee toward Crimea, while remaining armed.

“I’m talking about an entire platoon of the Russian army. There were reports that they were being hunted down in an attempt to bring them back.”

Issuing execution threats to Russian troops he added, “This is how they stimulate invaders to execute assault missions.

“They put pressure on them both mentally and physically. The newly mobilised soldiers, who have just been deployed, have not yet seen those horrors and do not understand what is going on.

“That is why it’s those who have already been on assault missions and somehow survived who refuse to go on another offensive as they are terrified of going there again.”

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