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Several reasons why your team has become unproductive

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26th Sep 19 12:43 pm

The whole point of a team is to tackle large tasks and get the job done. However, the productivity of teams sometimes goes downhill. Here are some reasons for why a team’s productivity might take a nosedive.

Lack of communication

Communication is crucial for productivity when it comes to working as a team. If people do not communicate, important details cannot be known about and problems cannot be tended to. There are many reasons for a lack of communication. Are the people on your team unable or afraid to communicate? If so, what is the reason for this? Do people lack the skills that are needed to express themselves?

Poor work environment

There is a chance that the reason why the productivity of your team is dipping is because of the fact that the work environment is poor. A number of things can contribute to a poor work environment. Take note of how team members treat each other. Are some team members shutting out or excluding others? Are people being verbally or physically aggressive? Perhaps there are some employees that refuse to do work and try to put their responsibilities on others.

Certain individuals have personal issues

The problem may be that certain people on the team have their own personal issues that they are fighting. There are a lot of different personal issues that can affect the quality of a person’s work and how they treat their coworkers. For example, an employee can be suffering from intense emotional issues such as anxiety or depression. These emotional issues can stem from a variety of different things, such as what is going on in a person’s home life, how they view the world and how they view their own lives. People who are going through personal issues can benefit from emotional intelligence training. They can also benefit from talking about their problems.

They don’t know what to do

Perhaps the people on your team are working hard and believe that they are on the right track, though in reality they are not. This can be combated with giving them feedback. Look at their work and tell them what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

They aren’t given ownership

Give your employees ownership by allowing them wiggle room to take responsibility, make their own decisions and be creative. A sense of responsibility is a driving force in doing a good job. If they are not given this, they may not care as much about their work. As a result, they may not do such a great job.

You’re not doing great things for their morale

There are a number of things that you could be doing that are lowering the morale of your workers. Think about the things that you say and do to your workers, and how these things make them feel. Do you speak to them in a condescending way? Are you micro-managing every little thing that they do? Do you come off as mean?

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