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Seven tips for online sellers to increase sales

by John Saunders
26th Jun 21 1:15 pm

The primary goal of every online-based business is to increase sales significantly. And to most startups, it looks far easier than it is. However, in reality, competition can make it pretty tough to make a lot of sales online.

Your target market has access to thousands of products or services accessible with just a few clicks. Therefore, do everything possible to stand out in your niche or industry.

How will you do this, you ask? In this post, you will discover up to seven tips that online sellers can use to boost sales. If you are ready, let us go.

1. Identify your buyer persona

One highly essential sales technique that you should always employ for each of your products or services is creating a buyer persona. It is so vital that it can shape your marketing strategy.

Do you not have one? Create an excellent buyer persona by providing answers to the following:

  • Who is your customer/client?
  • Why are they interested in your offer?
  • How can your brand help the customer?
  • How will you reach the customer?

If you own a site already, check out your Google Analytics. You can find relevant information about your visitors such as age range, gender, profiles, and significant interests. These will help you build a super-accurate buyer persona.

2. Parcel forwarding

Parcel forwarding refers to the international shipping services rendered by online sellers to buyers engaging in cross-border online shopping. It usually applies to online orders and purchases shipped in a specific package.

You can offer this unique service to online shoppers willing to purchase products from foreign retailers.

Cross-border shoppers will be more than willing to purchase your products. You have to assure them of transit safety, and your shipping rates must be pocket friendly. Discounts and better rates will attract more customers to your brand.

3. Provide several payment options

Do you know that the number of your sales could be affected by the payment options your customers have?

Give your customers more choice in terms of how they should pay for goods or services. Offering several payment options make it easier for potential customers to hand over their money to your brand.

Therefore, optimise your website and checkout process, especially if you have strong mobile traffic. This will end up pushing online sales beyond your wildest imagination.

4. Display customer testimonials to engender trust

Customer feedback is gold in today’s social media-driven age. This is good news for you as your satisfied customers can provide quality and believable testimonials for free.

You can display those testimonials alongside your satisfied customers’ cropped pictures for authenticity.

Client testimonials influence every written copy for believability. Therefore, add raving reviews and testimonials from your brand ambassadors, with their permission, of course.

This will engender trust from potential customers and make them more willing to do business with your brand.

5. Offer an iron-clad money-back guarantee

One of the most crucial and decisive factors that influence customers’ decisions is the desire to avoid potential losses. And, of course, the perceived risk is usually a financial one.

You need to overcome any objection a customer may have against buying your products. You can do this by offering an iron-clad money-back guarantee.

Taking risks off the buyer’s shoulders and onto yours can quickly boost sales through the roof. This has been proven repeatedly by savvy marketers; therefore, use it to power your b2b sales strategies in 2022.

6. Create affiliate marketing with influencers

Influencers pull a lot of weight in a wide variety of niches today. And their power on social media is a force that cannot be brushed aside.

You can reach out to influencers and strike a deal with them to promote your products and drive targeted visitors to your sales pages or website.

You can even strike an affiliate marketing deal with the influencers. This is more profitable for them as those influencers get to earn commissions as they help sell off your products to their massive followers.

However, make sure you work with micro-influencers – i.e., influencers with at least 1,000 – 1,000,000 audience members/followers.

According to in-depth research, their followers are usually more responsive to marketing messages than those with hundreds of millions of followers.

7. Inject a sense of urgency in your sales letters

A classic, handy marketing trick that works all the time is injecting a sense of urgency in your copy.

Informing potential customers that they have minimal time to take full advantage of a particular offer, including bonuses, will hasten them to take action. It always works like a charm.

Prominently display all limited offers right on your site’s homepage and in your ad campaigns. You can even create specific landing pages for each of your products and services to track sales easier.


The truth is that there are many more than seven ways or tips that online sellers can use to increase sales.

But the strategies shared in this post have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. And they can be applied by any brand, big or small or startup.

Test the strategies and lean heavily on the ones that work for your brand or business.

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