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Marketing strategies for small businesses that still work today

by John Saunders
8th Jan 20 2:13 pm

In order to stay ahead of the game, it is imperative that small business owners try their level best to come up with some basic marketing strategies that will enable them gain a competitive edge over their competitors. This calls for unique and streamlined thinking of unique marketing strategies to achieve that end. However, there are some conventional marketing strategies that still work today, but at the same time it is important for small business owners to collaborate these conventional strategies with newer strategies to capture a wider audience. Even though small businesses often work with limited marketing budgets, they can effectively work to ensure that they maximise their usage to competitively participate in a market that could be possibly be dominated by larger players. It is important to understand that there is no one specific magic strategy to get a business up there, but it will involve a mix of strategies. Here are some six strategies that still work for small businesses till today. Remember to check out Expocart banners to find the right fit for your business.

1. Promoting product awareness with demos and free samples

One of the most incredible ways of building awareness for you products and services and letting people literally try your product, but for free. It does not matter how great you feel your product or service is, but if you don’t let your potential customers try it out, you may not actually let your business sell itself to new potential customers. Furthermore, conduct demos to let your potential customers know more about your business and the services you offer.

2. Remember to work with referrals

This is one of those age-old strategies that will get your business going. Just choosing to utilise your existing customers to help you drumming up more support for your business to new customers. You can encourage them by making use of discounts, gifts or free products to help you bring in more leads. The upside of this strategy is that once an existing customer refers you to a new customer, the customer will be automatically be predisposed to you by virtue of being introduced to you by a friend. This is one of those strategies that prove to have higher conversion rates than others.

3. Focusing on what works for you

As your business continues being in operation, you will definitely notice that there are specific strategies that seem to work better for you than others. Therefore, it would only make sense for you to capitalise on such a strategy and see the conversion rates after choosing to focus on the strategy that best works for you.

4. Branding

This is one of the best ways to help your business establish a clear identity in the market. Branding is instrumental in communicating to your customers as to what your business is, what it does and what it stands for. There are many different way of utilising this strategy, one of them being hiring a freelancer to help you with the branding. Even though the money spent on this endeavour might seem a lot, but it is a worthy course for you and your small business.

5. Know your business

It is not safe for any small business owner to assume that there could be a one-fits-all business strategy. This calls for the understanding that every business is unique thus the strategies involved should be tailored to suit that particular business. To do so, business owners need to understand their businesses, manufacturers and the target customers. This involves finding out the age of target customers, their demographic, where they live or how they look for your product and more. Being concise and clear about such factors will go a long way in helping small business owners to develop effective and targeted strategies to produce more results.

6. Take advantage of email marketing

It is possible that most of the first time walk-in customers will not buy anything from your business. All hope is not lost at this point, it is now upon you to take note of their contact information for purposes of lead nurturing and additional marketing. Follow up with some more information about the products you sell or services you offer to lure them into coming back to your business. This will encourage a number of them to develop more focus on your business thus coming back to you. It is possible for customers to never come back because you never chose to follow them up.

Bottom line

These are just but a few great pointers to get you going and drive your leads u up whether you are new in business you are just looking for new ways to drum up more sales for your small business.

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