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Scientific research on red light therapy safety

by Sarah Dunsby
30th Apr 24 11:28 am

There has been much scientific research and studies being conducted on red light therapy safety.

However, just based on certain studies, it’s not possible to justify the safety of any sort of therapy method. So, here we’ve listed a few of the research and studies of scientists about red light therapy safety.

Therefore, if you’re planning to grab a device for yourself, this blog can surely help you to know how safe these therapy methods can be.

Studies by scientists on the safety of red light therapy

A study in the “Journal of Investigative Dermatology Symposium Proceedings” showed that red light therapy can increase collagen production and improve skin texture without any negative effects when used correctly.

From a dermatological point of view, this means that red light therapy is usually well tolerated by the skin.

Ocular safety

As the eyes are sensitive to light, studies have been done to find out if red light therapy is safe for the eyes.

A study in the journal “Photomedicine and Laser Surgery” found that red light therapy doesn’t pose much of a risk to the eyes when used according to the guidelines that were given.

Still, you should be careful, and wearing protective eyewear during sessions is suggested to keep your eyes from getting tired or hurt.

Cellular and molecular effects

To find out if red light therapy is safe at the cellular and molecular level, a study in “Frontiers in Physiology” looked into how it affects the functions of cells. T

The study showed that red light therapy can change the way cells work without hurting them. This shows how important it is to know the best parameters to get therapeutic effects with the fewest possible side effects.

Safety for the musculoskeletal system

Red light therapy is often used for its possible benefits in musculoskeletal conditions, such as lowering inflammation and speeding up tissue repair.

There was a study published in the “Journal of Rheumatology” that looked at red light therapy and found that it is generally safe and well-tolerated for treating musculoskeletal disorders.

The study stressed the need for more research to improve treatment plans so that therapy works better.

Research has focused on red light therapy’s effects on neurological safety because of the growing interest in its possible neuroprotective effects.

Even a report in the journal “Neural Regeneration Research” suggested that red light therapy might improve the function of neurons without causing any harm.

However, the authors stressed the need for standardized protocols and more research to prove that the treatments are safe and effective for neurological conditions.

Cancerous triggers

Red light therapy users are often worried about what red light therapy might do to cancer cells. Some studies have looked at how red light therapy can be used with cancer treatments, but more information about its safety is still being gathered.

A study in the journal “Cancers” said that people should be careful and do more research, especially to find out what wavelengths and doses might change the way cancer cells behave.

Fertility and pregnancy

Not much research has been done on how safe red light therapy is during pregnancy. A study in the “International Journal of Reproductive Biomedicine” found that male rats that were given red light therapy did not have any negative effects on their fertility.

But women who are pregnant should be careful and talk to a doctor before starting red light therapy because there isn’t a lot of information about how safe it is during pregnancy.

Staying put with possible risks associated with red light therapy

Even though most scientific research supports the safety of red light therapy, it is important to be careful. To lower the chances of problems, think about the following:

Follow the guidelines

For red light therapy, follow the suggested guidelines for session length, frequency, and intensity. Following these rules helps make sure that the therapy stays within safe limits.

Professional advice

Before starting red light therapy, get advice from a doctor or other qualified practitioner, especially if you already have a health condition or concern. Based on each person’s health profile, professionals can give them tailored advice.

Eye protection

To keep your eyes from getting tired or hurting during sessions, make sure you wear the right eye protection, like red light therapy goggles. It is very important to protect the eyes, especially when light sources are close to the face.

Understanding different sensitivities

Different people may react differently to red light therapy. Pay close attention to any bad reactions or pain that happens during or after sessions. If the problems don’t go away, you should talk to a medical professional to get more information.

Pregnancy and medical conditions

Talk to your doctor, especially if you are pregnant or have a medical condition that needs to be treated. Red light therapy might not work well with some medicines or health problems, so it’s important to talk to a doctor to be safe.

Bottom line

According to much scientific research on red light therapy safety, when used correctly, red light therapy is generally safe and well-tolerated.

The growing body of evidence shows how important it is to follow the rules, get professional help, and understand that everyone responds to therapy differently.

As with any new medical method, more research is needed to get a better idea of how safe red light therapy is.

This will allow it to be used safely and effectively in a wide range of healthcare settings. When adding red light therapy to your wellness routine, make sure safety comes first, stay informed, and talk to a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

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