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Russian mercenaries arrive in eastern Ukraine with the purpose of ‘provocations’ to start ‘red flag’ war

by LLB political Reporter
19th Feb 22 2:28 pm

The Ukrainian military have said that Russian special services and mercenaries have entered Donetsk in eastern Ukraine on Saturday.

Ukraine military said in a statement, “The purpose of these provocations will, of course, be to accuse Ukraine of further escalation.”

Russia has been accused of planning to stage provocations in Ukraine which could lead to civilian casualties, which will give the Kremlin a “pretext” to attack the Ukraine.

A Western security source, who spoke on condition of anonymity said earlier this week, “It is likely that Russian mercenaries, under the direction of the Russian state, will be involved in any hostilities in Ukraine, potentially including a pretext for an invasion.”

Earlier this week Ukraine National Police force were put on “combat alert” over new fears that Russian mercenaries controlled by the Kremlin are planning a “false flag operation” as pretext for an invasion.

The British Prime Minister warned Saturday after the unfolding events in Donetsk could be a “prelude to bigger action” from Russia.

“Certainly things are in motion but the question is whether it can all be pulled back.”

Boris Johnson said that there “is still time for common sense to win,” he added that he hopes Vladimir Putin will think better of what would be an “absolutely crazy, disastrous venture in Ukraine.”

The Donetsk region has seen its highest level of attacks in years since and a “powerful”  car bomb blew up near to a government building of the DPR [Donetsk People’s Republic] on Friday evening.

The Ukraine Ministry of Defence has said Russian special services have laid a “number” of mines in Donetsk.

The Ministry said, “Ukraine’s military intelligence has information that Russian special services have mined a number of social infrastructure facilities in Donetsk in order to further undermine them.

“These measures are aimed at destabilizing the situation in the temporarily occupied territories of our state and create grounds for accusing Ukraine of terrorist attacks.

“The Public Relations Service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine urges Donetsk residents not to leave their homes and not to use public transport.”

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