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Prime Minister has full confidence in Rishi Sunak as an investigation starts over Chancellor’s finances

11th Apr 22 1:35 pm

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has written to the Prime Minister “asking him to refer my ministerial declaration” to an “Independent Advisor.”

Boris Johnson said on Monday that he has full confidence in the Chancellor after an investigation begins into Sunak’s family financial interests.

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Johnson’s spokeswoman said that the Prime Minister has accepted Sunak’s call for an investigation by Lord Geidt.

The spokeswoman was asked if Lord Geidt had begun his investigation into the Chancellor, the spokeswoman said: “I’m not aware of whether Lord Geidt himself has begun his work.

“But I can confirm that the Prime Minister has agreed to the request from the Chancellor for Lord Geidt to undertake this work.”

The Chancellor has insisted that he has acted appropriately at all times and his “overriding concern” is that he wants the public to have confidence in the answers.

George Eustice told Sky News that the Chancellor has been “very clear that he’s been very candid about his own arrangements at every stage.”

Eustice rejected claims that Sunak was “too rich” to be a chancellor or even a potential Prime Minister.

“I don’t think it’s right that we should have a rule that says you’re too wealthy to be able to do a role – what matters is the knowledge, the technical expertise that you have,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“You can’t walk a mile in everyone’s shoes, all of us have different perspectives, different experiences in life, and for any MP, let alone minister, the single most important thing is an ability to empathise (with) people who might have had experiences and challenges in their life that you’ve personally not experienced.”

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