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Patokh Chodiev: Help in the fight against a pandemic

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16th Jul 20 5:43 pm

Patokh Chodiev and his charitable foundation provided assistance to the population and economy of Uzbekistan during the coronavirus pandemic.

As part of the measures of the Government of Uzbekistan on social support of the population and the fight against COVID-19, a number of reforms will be carried out in the country aimed at effectively combating viral infection and ensuring the work of citizens. And, of course, as has already happened more than once, businessman has been actively involved, for his part contributing to the government social protection program. The International Chodiev Foundation joined the state initiative: its most urgent task at present is to assist the state in supporting the most vulnerable categories of citizens of the country.

His foundation have already launched the first stage of this support, which is being implemented jointly with the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan for several months. This program is distributed throughout the country, and it contains items such as providing older people and low-income families with everything they need, primarily medical supplies, food, and disinfectants. The humanitarian aid kits, which will be already distributed among the population within a very short time, will also include a collection of rules in Uzbek regarding quarantined behavior during the coronavirus pandemic.

Assistance to citizens of Uzbekistan in Russia: Patokh Chodiev’s initiative

The International Chodiev Foundation has entered into an agreement with the Sakhovat Center. This organization helps Uzbek citizens on an emergency basis, which is in line with the entrepreneur’s philosophy – Patokh Chodiev considers it right to provide assistance where it is most needed. In particular, for those citizens of Uzbekistan who for various reasons could not return back to their country under the conditions of quarantine declared in the Russian Federation, the Fund and the center provide social support.

This activity is largely carried out at the expense of the funds allocated by Chodiev to increase the potential of the center’s volunteers – if they could cover mainly Moscow and the Moscow Region on their own, now such assistance will be expected by compatriots of the businessman in other Russian regions as well. Patokh Chodiev expressed his gratitude to the center and noted that assistance in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic will be expected not only by labor migrants from Uzbekistan but also their families. We are talking here about providing food and essentials, as well as professional advice on credit debt and providing additional employment.

International Chodiev Foundation

In addition to this initiative of the International Chodiev Foundation, there were others that formed a stable tradition of interaction between socially responsible businesses and the state. Patokh Chodiev sent considerable funds to the Syr Darya region to increase the welfare of the local population. Thus, in the framework of charitable activities with the assistance of the Government of Uzbekistan, the Fund provided substantial assistance to boarding schools for children with disabilities.

It should be noted that cooperation between state structures and large businesses in the person of an entrepreneur continued in terrible trouble of a global scale, affecting the efficiency of the state commission of Uzbekistan. One of the aspects of this interaction is the assistance to labor migrants of Uzbekistan who find themselves in a difficult situation on the territory of Russia, which is at least a million people left without work, without a livelihood and often without the ability to observe self-isolation.

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