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Packing tips for a smooth moving

by Sarah Dunsby
3rd Jun 24 12:49 pm

Moving day is filled with emotions both sad and happy though. You will never want to end it on a chaotic day, so early preparation is necessary. Whether you are hiring household movers or going as DIY movers, the choice is all yours but the ending should be smooth and stress-free. The most important part of moving is packing your stuff in the right way.

Even a small packing mistake can turn your moving day into a disaster. Avoid them by following our packing tips for smooth moving which are a part of this article, so you will enjoy your transition to a new place. Don’t panic or complicate the procedure, here is what you can do for a joyful moving experience.

Top packing tips for an easy-moving

DIY moving is a scary thing as you have to do everything on your own. Packing alone seems to be a daunting task. Don’t worry! We have got your back. Here are the packing tips by our experts for a foolproof moving day.

1. Prepare your packing plan

Give plenty of time to the packing part of moving and prepare your plan beforehand. Search for the truck services that you are going to hire, stock up on plenty of packing supplies, and devise your plan on how you are going to pack everything. Ask your family or friend for help during packing to make it a bit of fun and of course, extra hands will make it easier.

For packing supplies, don’t compromise on the quality as damaged or broken wooden boxes during loading or unloading will be difficult to handle and the damaged items will cost you a lot more than you saved by the DIY moving option. Similarly, for your furniture, or delicate items you need to prepare for the right moving option.

2. Downsize your luggage

The most important thing to remember while packing is that you are not going to take junk with you including everything that you are not going to use. It will not only take extra time and space in your moving truck but there is no point in filling your new place with the extra items. Declutter the entire house before you move to the packing step.

Sell or donate the items that are in good shape but have no use for you. Dispose of such items that are damaged, worn out, or cannot be repurposed in any situation. Hire rubbish removal services to take the piles of junk to their designated facilities to cut down on the extra effort and fuel costs on extra trips for each kind of discarded item.

3. Pack wisely

Pack wisely to prevent any kind of physical injury while moving the heavy items stuffed in the boxes. This is something that you can control by adding the right amount of weight to each box. For example, for books or similar large-weighted items, choose small boxes that will be easily lifted by a single person.

Moreover, stuffing the boxes more than the weight that they can accommodate can turn chaotic during moving as the boxes break causing everything to fall to the ground and you have to restart everything. Hence, pack wisely with only as many items as you can easily lift for a disaster-free moving day.

4. Carefully pack the fragile items

Fragile items are the costliest. You will never want your favorite dinner set to break during moving due to a packing error. Put extra effort into packing the fragile items. When stocking up on the packing supplies, make sure that you have enough bubble wrap or packing peanuts, etc to move the fragile item. Go for a triple-layer packing system for moving such items.

Moreover, label the boxes with a handle-with-care tagline on the front side to be easily seen and implemented during the moving process. Similarly, for moving glass frames or mirrors, support the glass with an X drawn using sturdy tape followed by wrapping using a generous amount of bubble sheet. Fill the box with lightweight paper cuttings or pacing peanuts to restrict movement to prevent breakage.

5. No packing of hazardous material

You may want to save some bucks in your new home by packing the chemicals, cleaners, batteries, or other hazardous materials that are sometimes needed in homes. Sorry to say! It is unsafe and illegal in most areas to move hazardous materials and moving companies don’t accept them either.

Before packing, drain each drop of fuel from your gadget or equipment that has the potential to ignite a fire. Even slight friction during movement can cause them to explode resulting in tragic and horrifying accidents.

Final words

The above tips can be simple but a key for a safe and efficient moving day. Spare the maximum time to the efficient packing of all your belongings and enjoy a stress-free moving day. If you need to set up an appealing garden at your new place, consider hiring Bella Gardening Services for their top-notch services.

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