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ODS launches new commercial waste portal

by LLB Editor
18th Dec 20 5:24 am

Today, ODS, the Oxford-based Local Authority Trading Company (LATCo) owned by Oxford City Council, launches its new, user-friendly cloud-based customer portal that will offer customers a new service to assist them with managing their recycling and waste more efficiently and demonstrating their environmental waste management credentials.

This new trade portal is a core part of ODS’ vision to build a new kind of business that’s good for everyone.

Many of ODS’ customers have ambitious recycling targets as part of their commitment to carbon reduction. Having easy access to accurate information about waste and recycling collected each week allows businesses to monitor their volumes and make early interventions using the portal’s data. Importantly, it will increase customer awareness around their carbon impact, encouraging them to take the necessary steps to mitigate it, reducing the amount of non-recyclable waste.

The solution offers customers a dedicated dashboard of their waste and recycling volumes for each collection.

This enables customers to have quick access, allows them to take action to reduce their waste volumes, and puts changes in place to increase their recycling levels and compare the waste stream levels if located at more than one site.

Customers will have early access to accurate data that they can use to make it easier for them to efficiently manage their waste, potentially reduce costs and support their carbon reduction targets.

This new platform is a further step of ODS’ plan to support businesses reduce waste and increase recycling, and is part of their vision to support businesses build a better environment in which to live and work.

The portal will transform the current arrangement of reporting bin weight data. Through the provision of weekly, online reporting, users now have a single solution that puts customers in control. The dashboard enables customers to view waste data and contract information at their convenience, able to act on the data quickly rather than waiting for monthly and quarterly reports.

ODS’ Head of Environmental Services, Bruce Thompson, said: “Helping businesses reduce waste and increase recycling forms part of our commitment to building a better community. We pride ourselves on how we have helped our new and existing customers save money, through improved and tailored recycling and waste services. This new portal allows our customers to use almost real-time data to manage their waste and see where there needs to be additional support measures. We’ve used our knowledge and insight into user behaviour to help our customers engage their end-users to drive up recycling rates. All this helps businesses
meet their sustainability goals.”


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