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Octopush’s new bulk SMS platform poised to launch in the UK

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30th Oct 20 4:56 pm

The wave of lockdown orders that swept across Europe and the world led to an immediate increase in the number of online sales. This was good news for web entrepreneurs around the world, and it also led to a spike in business for providers of digital marketing services. Octopush, a French company that created an SMS marketing platform, is among the various businesses and startups that saw growth thanks to that shift in purchasing habits.

In a recent press release, the company announced not only that they are launching a new SMS marketing platform, but also that they are expanding into the UK market. This is the first step in the company’s plan to start offering their services throughout Europe. They are expanding into both the UK and Spain first, with plans to reach the rest of Europe within a year.

It’s hard to overstate how useful SMS marketing is for companies big and small. It is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing available, and it can be used to both gain new clients and engage with old ones, increasing your rate of repeated businesses. And the statistics surrounding this marketing tool are quite favorable.

Octopush reports that, according to their data, 98% of the SMS messages sent through their platform are opened by the customer, and 45% of those customers end up sending back a response. Octopush’s platform makes it easier for entrepreneurs to send out bulk messages, and then to keep track of the responses coming in from hundreds of different customers.

To put the numbers above into perspective, the open rate for emails is around 30%, and it can be as low as 15% depending on how you manage your email marketing strategy. The numbers are low because most consumers have crowded inboxes, and spam filters can stop email marketing messages from reaching the consumer, even when said consumer opted-into the marketing campaign themselves.

Communicating through SMS gives marketers fewer tools, as the format only allows for texts and links to be sent, and there is a limit to how many words you can use. But the fact that SMS messages have to be short also makes customers more likely to open them, as they know an incoming message won’t demand too much of their time.

Octopush’s platform offers a variety of tools to make SMS marketing both easy and affordable. The ability to send out bulk messages is one of the platform’s biggest selling points, but through Octopush you’ll also be able to keep track of statistics, send out voice messages, contact customers using platforms like WhatsApp, and perform a variety of other tasks. Their SMS gateway tool lets you send text messages from your computer.

Alongside their expansion into new markets, Octopush also announced plans to keep adding new features to its platform. Their hope is to create a true multichannel SMS marketing solution.

In light of their plans to expand, company representatives have expressed a great deal of optimism. The company expects a growth of 100% before the end of 2021. A prediction that may well be true if the company is indeed able to expand into all of Europe within the next year.

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