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Notting Hill inferno: Grenfell tower block burned for ‘more than 24 hours’

15th Jun 17 8:06 am

‘24-storey tomb’

Our photographer, Wayne Armstrong who was on the scene described the “eerie feeling” being at the scene.

He said: “There was an overwhelming smell of plastic and many people were sobbing and looking in disbelief that their ‘world has gone and we are now destitute’ it was so hard to hear and see.”

“There is ash and debris all over the floor. No matter how far away I am from the block the smell is pungent, the scene is almost apocalyptic.”

Speaking to a volunteer, he said to our photographer Wednesday evening: “This is not about religion race or colour, this about humanity these families need all the help they can get.”

The fire was still ongoing on the 20th floor by midnight “more than 24 hours” later, “I could clearly see the glow of the fire and see the heat haze around the tower block,” he said.

This morning Armstrong said, there is a hum of the press and people but “the silence is eerie and it is a 24-storey tomb.”

Balham Mosque gave donations as well as the Tooting community.

The prime minister, Theresa May has said that a “proper investigation” will take place to find the cause to the fire.

May said: When it’s possible to identify the cause of this fire, then of course there will be proper investigation and if there are any lessons to be learnt they will be, and action will be taken.”

Furious residents are blaming the cladding that was added in 2016 as part of the refurbishment saying that it acted like “an accelerant.”

The Grenfell Action Group said that there have been “numerous warnings” and warned just seven months ago that a “catastrophic event” will expose “ineptitude and incompetence of our landlord,” KCTMO.

The company that undertook the refurbishment, Rydon said in a statement that they “met all required building regulations.”

Residents spent the night in shelters and local residents were helping deliver food, blankets, bedding and clothing.

Firefighters rescued 65 people from the burning inferno and police have said that there are still people unaccounted for despite fire crews searching the tower block, floor by floor throughout the night, the fire is now thought to be out.

It is thought that between 400 and 600 people lived in the tower block, the block consisted of 20 residential floors and the first four floors were commercial and other areas, in total there was 127 flats.

Commander Cundy of the Metropolitan Police said yesterday the confirmed the number of fatalities has risen to 12 however, “we believe this number will sadly increase.”

London Ambulance Service said that 68 people from Grenfell tower block were taken to six hospitals across the capital and 18 are still critical.

An emergency number has been set up for anyone who is concerned for family or friends. The number to call is: 0800 0961 233.

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