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New watch can tell if you’re being boring

7th Feb 17 1:55 pm

This new tech could help us in the future…

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have come up with a new device that can tell if your conversations are boring, it uses artificial intelligence to achieve this.

Within the wristband is sensors which can detect physiological data, such as your heart rate, blood pressure, blood flow as well as your temperature and movement.

The team then gathered this information and combined it with audio recordings, this is so that the pitch of the audio, energy levels and vocabulary can be analysed.

These all come together to make an algorithm which can assess the tone with 83 per cent accuracy.

It can understand all sorts of tones such happy, sad and neutral tones. Some versions can even tell if you’re being boring by picking up negative signs such as fidgeting, pauses, and putting hands on one’s face.

The current prototype solely focuses on the wearer but future developments could be able to analyse all sides of a conversation, it could tell us if a person is still interested in what we’re saying.

This new type of tech could help people who suffer with autism who struggle to read emotional cues.

One of the members on the team, Tuka Al Hanais, said: “The consequences of misreading emotional intent can be severe, particularly in high-stakes social situations such as salary negotiations or job interviews.”

“For those afflicted by Asperger’s syndrome, the inability to read subtle cues can lead to a variety of negative consequences, from social isolation to depression.”

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