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New professional fighting project ‘fight to fame’ could be huge

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4th Nov 19 10:45 am

Fight to Fame is a new initiative that brings together Blockchain, Movies, Sports, and Reality TV into one project that promises to influence trends in the entertainment industry.

Over the years, we have seen Action Stars emerging from Bodybuilding, Professional Sports, and even Gymnastics, but rarely fighting. Fight to Fame wants to change that. What if the next big Hollywood Action star was a boxer or a martial arts expert?

Action meets reality-TV

Fight to Fame is a once in a lifetime chance for anyone in the world to fight for the chance to be a Hollywood action star. Not only will the top competitors star in an Action Star Reality-Show, but they will also obtain real-life acting roles in major action movies, giving them an opportunity to become the new global action stars in the entertainment industry.

Global expansion

The unique competition will bring together athletes from almost 200 countries and regions worldwide. Fight to Fame will be giving all these people the chance to compete for Hollywood Action movie stardom.

The contestants will compete in sports tournaments as well as an action star reality show, and championship titles. At the end of the program, they will be ready to step into Hollywood stardom as action heroes.

Fight to Fame will work with a team of accomplished World Champion fighters who will be acting as Ambassadors for the project. They will help to recruit athletes from all over the world to register for the unique competition.

Anyone can take a shot

The competition will be open to anyone who has the skills to fight his way into Hollywood fame and stardom. Potential contestants have been invited to register on the Fight to Fame website, where they will be entering their names, contact information, photo, their fighting style, honors, height, weight, gender, nationality, and birthdate. Applicants who upload a video in addition to a photograph will get special certificates signed by the global champion ambassadors of Fight to Fame.

The first of its kind

There is no other outfit in Hollywood that produces action stars. Fight to Fame will be the first of its kind. It will also be the first such initiative to incorporate blockchain technology in a reality show that will usher in a new crop of world champion fighters battling for stardom. Organizers are hoping to raise the standards for future films globally. They want to change how people relate to movies and events.

Training to be an action star

Contestants will undergo rigorous training during the entire process, preparing them for stardom. They will be trained in stage punching, stunt work, acting, and fitness. When they are not learning how to dodge punches, they will be learning how to field difficult questions from the media in the media training.

The contestant who becomes a star will have successfully gone through all five phases of the program. The first phase will be registration on the Fight to Fame website, followed by regional contest rounds whereby the contestants will go through preliminaries and have their skills critiqued by an expert team of Fight to Fight ambassadors. Athletes will bring with them a wide variety of skills: from Tae Kwondo, to Muay Thai, Boxing, Standing Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu, and MMA among others.

Phase three will be the grand finale, where they stage fighting scenes with popular Hollywood action stars, test their endurance with some extreme sports, and test how they would perform in a Hollywood action clip.

The contestants will receive feedback from mentors as well as the audiences who will be voting using blockchain technology. Fans will be participating in choosing who among the contestants gets to be a star. Fans will use FF tokens to buy tickets to the events and access VIP offers online through the platform.

In the Fourth phase, participants who outshine the others in different types of martial arts will be awarded with Golden Belts.

The Fight to Fame Champion will be declared in the fifth stage, and he/she will be ready to launch their Hollywood career.


Fight to Fame wants to do things differently by embracing blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The use of blockchain should enhance transparency, and make it easier for everyone to participate. Fight to Fame will use blockchain technology to ensure that the voice of the audience is respected. Users will use their FF tokens to access the Fight to Fame Platform, get series cards,  and vote for their preferred contestant.

The token model is easier to use for the fans, not to mention more transparent. The project will be putting more power in the hands of the audience and the fighters. Click here to learn more about Fight to Fame.

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