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My London: Belinda Dickson OBE

by LLB Editor
15th Sep 11 3:37 pm

Belinda Dickson OBE – the woman behind luxury cashmere label Belinda Robertson

​What’s your favourite aspect of doing business in London?

Can do attitude

​What’s your biggest gripe about London?

Transport and lack of air conditioning

​If you could be Boris Johnson for a day, what would you do?

Get a decent haircut


Who’s your greatest London hero?

The Queen!

​Who’s your greatest London villain?

How can a villain be great?

Where’s the best place in London to take an important client?

Depends on the client and purpose.

What is your favourite bar in London?


Claridges side bar

​Are you pro or anti-London and why?

Pro! Love it offers a bit of everything, also love how it’s made up of lots of small communities or villages.

If there’s one place in London people must see before they die, what is it?

Buckingham Palace……and the changing of the guard.

What’s the last thing you bought in London and loved?

Nothing specific to London.

​If you could be anywhere outside London right now, where would you be?

Elie in Fife…..my heaven on earth!

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