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Motorists warned the UK will be ‘doing well to get past’ fuel supply crisis by Christmas

by LLB staff reporter
27th Sep 21 4:46 pm

The supply crisis is starting to affect almost ever aspect of ones lives, from food, to fuel, taking children to school or even trying to get to work.

Motorists have now been warned the UK would be “doing well to get past” the current fuel crisis by Christmas, Alex Veitch from the public policy team at Logistics UK told Sky News.

Government measures will “help in the short term,” but some businesses wont be back to normal until the spring.

Veitch said, “In terms of timings for resolving the problem, before yesterday’s announcement we had been modelling a return to something approaching business as usual in the spring.”

A short term solution to the fuel supply crisis could be to reach out to those who are HGV drivers, which they have done.

Also the government needs to get people into the sector “as quickly as possible” which could be done by accelerating the capacity for driving tests to happen more quickly.

Veitch added, “All those things working together will quicken the solution.

“The million-dollar question is how soon it will work and as of today that is a difficult step to call.”

The Petrol Retailers Association has warned that their members are reporting that 50 to 90% of petrol stations are now empty in some areas across the UK.

A Texaco station owner has warned that his forecourt will have to go a “week without fuel” due to drivers panic buying.

Paul Cheema told Sky News there has been a “450% increase” in demand and they have “kept a bit of fuel for key workers.”

He added, “It was manic at the weekend, there was panic buying.

“I don’t think there is any need for panic buying at all but we are in a bad place at the moment.”

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