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Most of the public think wokeism has gone too far when it comes to our identities within society

by LLB Reporter
26th Jun 23 11:34 am

The latest consumer insight from digital identity security specialists, ID Crypt Global, has revealed that 74% of the public think wokeism is harmful to our identities, with 79% believing that it has gone too far when it comes to how people choose to identify themselves within society.

The survey of almost 1,900 members of the UK public, commissioned by ID Crypt, found that when it comes to the most important aspects of our identity, nationality, gender and place of birth ranked top.

81% of those surveyed felt that personal identity is still an important factor in today’s society.

78% also believe that it’s important that all identities are equally represented within today’s society.

However, 74% stated that they feel wokeism is harmful when it comes to our personal identities and 79% feel that wokeism has gone too far when it comes to how we choose to identify ourselves within society.

What’s more, 70% believe that wokeism in today’s society is actually harmful for our national identity.

57% don’t believe that someone should identify as something completely different to a core aspect of their identity, such as their gender or race.

Finally, 93% don’t believe that a teacher should allow a child to identify as something non-human such as a cat.

CEO and Founder of ID Crypt Global, Lauren Wilson-Smith said, “Our identity is an incredibly personal and important thing and something that we largely base on a few core factors that define us.

Today, the idea of identity has evolved beyond what was traditionally accepted and the majority of the UK public support a society that accepts everyone equally regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation or nationality.

However, it’s fair to say that the pursuit of wokeism has blurred the lines of identity in recent times and the public have grown weary of the more extreme end of the spectrum, whereby people are choosing to disregard their personal identity for something completely alien to the reality.

The real worry is the fact that this confusion is now impacting school children and more worrying still is the fact that those in a position of power within the classroom are pandering to it.”

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