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MoD warns Russia are sending more equipment to Belarus and calling up more soldiers and conscripts to fight

by LLB Politics Reporter
24th Mar 22 4:21 pm

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said on Thursday that Russia are calling more soldiers who recently fought in Syria, mobilising more conscripts and to bring in more foreign mercenaries.

This comes as the British military intelligence has said there are signs Ukraine might be starting to turn the tide against the Russian troops.

The Ukraine’s Defence Ministry said that the Kremlin are sending more military supplies to Belarus as they are preparing to capture Kyiv.

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The UK’s Ministry of Defence suggested Russian forces are depleted and “have almost certainly suffered thousands of casualties during their invasion of Ukraine.”

“Russia is likely now looking to mobilise its reservist and conscript manpower, as well as private military companies and foreign mercenaries, to replace these considerable losses,” the MoD said in its latest update.

“It is unclear how these groups will integrate into the Russian ground forces in Ukraine and the impact this will have on combat effectiveness.”

Russia are now moving more, fresh units to the Ukrainian border, also calling up soldiers who have recently served in Syria to fight in Ukraine.

According to US intelligence Russian advances towards Kyiv city centre have now stopped and Russian forces are now setting up defensive positions around 10 miles away from the Ukrainian capital.

The morale of Russian troops is low due to lack of food, water, fuel as they are bogged down by the ever ongoing supply issues and have lost thousands of soldiers.

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