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Mendix delivers low code platform for ConocoPhillips

by Peter Smyth Tech Journalist
1st Jul 20 7:09 am

As the global leader in enterprise low-code, and a Siemens business, Mendix enables customers to drive innovation and competitive advantage.

With Mendix, companies can balance their buy-versus-build approaches, allowing them to choose opportunities where in-house applications might provide differentiating capabilities.

One of the main arguments for off-the-shelf software is that development from scratch costs too much and takes too long. By leveraging the Mendix low-code application development platform, companies can create new applications designed around solving the needs of their internal customers, requiring fewer professional developers and delivering solutions faster.

For ConocoPhillips, this represents a shift in its approach to information technology and software development. ConocoPhillips is leveraging a centre of excellence (CoE) to build digital solutions that offer value for the business. The Mendix low-code platform is the core application development technology for this effort.

A new enterprise license with Mendix will enable the CoE to focus on building solutions that can be scaled across the company. Additionally, with support from the CoE, individuals who are not in traditional developer roles will be able to develop applications that are designed to deliver efficiencies and solve business problems.

Mike Pfister, Chief Information Officer at ConocoPhillips said, “This shift in our approach enables our IT team to deliver solutions that provide differentiated value to ConocoPhillips in select capabilities.

“Our focus is on innovating in the areas that give us a competitive edge.”

Since first implementing Mendix 18 months ago, ConocoPhillips has rolled out 20 enterprise-grade applications, with more in the works. With that experience, the company is now able to develop apps five times faster and enlist a broader range of talent to develop applications.

“ConocoPhillips is modelling what the future of software development looks like,” says Derek Roos, founder and CEO at Mendix.

“Empowering developers and business users with the right low-code and no-code tools, with the appropriate governance, is the key to creating solutions that deliver real business value and brings velocity and relevance to digital transformation initiatives.”

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