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Meet the digital marketing agency aiming to revolutionise the performance marketing industry

by LLB Reporter
11th Sep 19 2:35 pm


  • Company – Flow20 London
  • Description – Pay Per Lead  based digital marketing
  • Founded – 2008
  • Founder – Shirish Agarwal
  • Size of team – 5

What’s Flow20 London all about?

In two words: delivering results.

The last few years has been great for the digital marketing sector as more ad budgets have moved online which has resulted in the growth of the industry as a whole.

What this has also meant is that competition for your product or service and for your customer is higher than ever and as a result cost to acquire a customer from digital marketing has been on the rise too.

Channels such as Google Ads and Facebook ads are extremely effective but has become unaffordable for many small businesses.

This problem is compounded by the fact that if you’re looking to increase the odds of your marketing budget giving you a positive ROI you need to choose an agency that has the necessary expertise and experience which can mean additional expenses.

This is where Flow20 comes in.

Unlike other agencies where the conventional pricing model is that you pay thousands in monthly fees without any guarantee of a return Flow20 charges primarily based on a Pay Per Lead model.

This means less impact to your cash flow, increased profitability and makes continued growth more sustainable.

What do you believe is the key to a successful digital marketing campaign?

There’s two main aspects to making a digital campaign work.

The first is to drive the right type of traffic to your website or landing page. Too often, I see businesses get bogged down by vanity metrics such as the number of visitors when in reality engagement is far more important. When it comes to traffic numbers, quality is far more important than quantity.

The second aspect is to do with the landing page itself.

Most ad budgets are spent towards traffic acquisition over traffic conversion which is a huge reason why so many campaigns underperform.

At Flow20, we pay just as much attention to the landing page ‘experience’ as we do to the quality of traffic because that’ll have just as much as an impact to your ROI.

What metrics do you look at every day?

The macro metrics for a campaign would mainly be the number of conversions (i.e. enquiries or sales), cost per conversion and the conversion rate (of visitors into conversions).

There’s quite a few micro metrics but some of the ones we use most commonly are impression share, click-through rates, Bounce Rates and session duration.

What’s been the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt so far? 

Charge on results.

We introduced the PPL model only a couple of years ago and I wish I had started it sooner.

When you charge primarily on results, there’s almost no cap on your revenues esp. If you’re working with the right types of companies and this has been one of the most effective things we’ve done to spur growth.

What’s been your biggest mistake so far? 

Not offering PPL!

Seriously though, it’s probably not moving fast enough with the digital marketing landscape in the earlier years.

The market has been moving very rapidly and a platform that worked well in the past to generate leads may not do so now.

What this means is that specialising in a particular service or area is not only becoming more difficult but is perhaps even undesirable if you don’t want your skills to become redundant.

Although we now aim to be fairly agile when it comes to trying or adopting a new piece of technology on investing resources into exploring a new platform, that wasn’t the case until a few years ago.

A piece of advice for the growth-hungry entrepreneurs reading this?

Invest in digital marketing if you haven’t done so already.

It’s amazing that even today there are so many companies who are not leveraging on the amazing power of digital marketing to grow and if you’re not going to spend the time connecting with your prospects on the digital mediums they spend their time on, you can be sure your competitors will.

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