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McDonnell rules out Labour alliance with SNP

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
8th Aug 19 9:37 am

The shadow chancellor John McDonnell has ruled out Labour forming a pact with the SNP.

The Times report on Wednesday suggested that a “progressive alliance” could be formed between the two parties to form a majority after a general election.

McDonnell spoke with journalist Graham Spiers at the Fringe Festival and ruled out any alliance.

McDonnell said, “Let’s make it absolutely clear what we’re about – we want a General Election as soon as we can achieve a General Election and I say to Boris Johnson ‘bring it on, let’s have this General Election’.

“I think we’ll go in as a majority Labour Government, I genuinely believe that.

“Before the last General Election we were 24 points behind in the polls and I said then that we’d draw level and that we’d stand a chance of winning and everyone wondered what was I on and that’s exactly what happened.

“I think if we’d had another week of campaigning, we’d be in government now but nevertheless we drew level with the Tories.”

The shadow chancellor suggested the SNP are not progressive and his party will reject any opportunity to form an alliance with the SNP.

He said, “We’re a socialist party, they are not.

“I don’t want to be derogatory in any form but let me try. In my own view, I think they’re Tories, it’s as simple as that and always have thought that.

“I think there is a small section of SNP supporters who I think have been illusioned by them in some way that they’re a progressive party.”

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