May pledges that no EU national will be made to leave the UK on the day of Brexit


The latest on Brexit talks

The European council president, Donald Tusk has hit out at Theresa May, saying her plan for expatriates are “below expectations” after Brexit.

She has pledged that any lawful EU citizen who is in the UK on the day of Brexit will be safeguarded and won’t be made to leave however, if British expats are provided with the same reassurance.

Tusk said after the two-day summit: “My first impression, is that the UK’s offer is below our expectations and that it risks worsening the situation of citizens.

“But it will be for our negotiation team to analyse the offer line by line once we receive it on paper.”

“Citizens’ rights are the number one priority for the EU 27 and we have made our position clear. We want to ensure the full rights for EU and UK citizens after Brexit.”

May said in Brussels: “I think we’ve made a fair and serious offer, confirming and giving reassurance to all those EU citizens living in the United Kingdom. 

“But I also want to see that certainty, that reassurance, given to UK citizens who are living in the European Union, and you wouldn’t expect me as British prime minister to say anything less.”


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