Lord Sugar: Nick Clegg is an “idiot” – sack him


Lord Sugar has pointed his famous “You’re fired” finger towards Nick Clegg following the deputy prime minister’s comments about the tycoon’s TV license.

In an interview with ITV yesterday, Clegg condemned pensioners’ perks, saying: “Some of these universal benefits – TV licence, winter fuel payments and so on – are going to people who simply don’t need them.

“It’s not because of their age […] but because they have the wealth to be able to cover those costs themselves. I certainly will be advocating that – I hope other parties will as well.”

Clegg added: “Alan Sugar having his TV licence [paid for]is a nonsense.”

When PoliticsHome.com editor Paul Waugh asked Sugar what he thought about Clegg’s comments, Sugar tweeted: “Calamity Clegg as he should be known is talking rubbish. I don’t have bus pass and I pay for my TV licence like every oneelse [sic]”

He went on to say that Clegg wass “an embarrassment to coalition”

He then branded Clegg an “idiot” and asked the PM to sack him.

“Why doesn’t Cameron silence this idiot Clegg . How many more gaffs [sic]can he spout off on TV . Makes the coalition look like a joke,” he tweeted.