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looking back: Biggest FAILURES of 2017

5th Dec 17 3:25 pm

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  1. Brexit ‘Meaning Vote’: Just months after losing her House of Commons majority in the general election, Theresa May’s government got another jolt when they failed to avert 12 rebel MPs voting in favor of ‘Meaningful Vote’ plan — an amendment that guarantees the Parliament a say on the final divorce deal.
  2. Champion fails: Britain’s most successfu and world’s best cyclist Chris Froome, who is also four-time Tour de France winner, recently failed a drugs test when he was found to have double the legal allowed level of an asthma drug in his urine during the Vuelta a España. Froome suffers from asthma.
  3. has asthma — and he recently failed a drugs test in one of the sport’s most prestigious races because of the condition.
  4. Galaxy Note 7 fail– Samsung’s smartphone has been dubbed as one of the worst tech debuts in recent times. After thousands of consumers reported that the phone’s batteries were catching fire, the company recalled such smartphones and took a hit of millions in revenue. The mobile phone manufacturer, Samsung Electronic, also suffered a huge loss with this fiasco.
  5. Kraft Heinz-Unilever failed merger: In early February this year, consumer-goods giant Kraft Heinz dropped its $143bn bid to buy Anglo-Dutch maker of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Dove soap and Axe deo, Unilever.
  6. Trump University- It was announced in 2005 as a for-profit education company to teach people to make money in the real estate industry. Though it’s now defunct, the lawsuits are dragging against this ‘scam’ university. The suits allege the university used deceptive sales and marketing practices to defraud students.
  7. LSE shake-up: London Stock Exchange chairman Donald Brydon has a toxic track record and must be fired ??? XXXXX

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