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Londoners are the least perceptive drivers in the UK

by LLB Reporter
14th Sep 18 2:00 pm

The hazard perception test has been part of the UK’s driving test since 2002 with the purpose of checking the user’s ability to detect a situation that requires to take action e.g. change direction or speed.

But which region is the best at spotting danger on the road? 

GoCompare designed the  ‘Spot the Hazard’ to test UK’s hazard perception and surveyed the results of over 2000 Brits, who had to identify 10 potential hazards from ordinary scenes on the road in under 5 seconds each. They found out which regions have the most perceptive drivers and what habits influence the ability to spot hazards e.g. alcohol consumption and sleep.

1. Londoners are the least perceptive drivers in the UK

  • People in London only spotted 36% of hazards
  • Out of all the UK regions, they achieved the worst results

2. People in the East Midlands are the most perceptive drivers in the UK

  • They achieved the best results with over 43% of hazards spotted
  • South-West and Scotland came in second and third with 42% and 41% hazards spotted respectively

3. Teetotalers achieved better results than regular drinkers 

  • Non-drinker spotted over 40% of hazards and achieved the highest scores
  • Instead, people that consumed alcohol in the last 24 hours achieved the lowest score

4. The more you sleep, the better you perform

  • Sleeping 8+ hours increases the ability to spot hazards notably: people that sleep more than 8 hours spotted over 45% of hazards
  • Those who slept less than 4 hours only spotted 39%
  • A disparity of 6% makes for a considerable score difference, demonstrating the impact of sleep on performance

5. People who exercise a few times a week are the best at spotting hazards

  • Exercising 1-4 times a week has a positive impact on your performance
  • People that exercise once a week achieve the highest results spotting over 43% of hazards
  • However, exercising too much or not at all seems to be linked to low average scores
  • More specifically, the survey shows that 5 exercise units a week or more make the performance decrease rapidly

6. Young people are more perceptive than old people

  • 25-34-year olds scored the best results and spotted over 40% of the hazards
  • 55-64-year olds scored the lowest results (only 34%)
  • The main difference is between the age groups 35-44 and 45-54, where the ability to spot hazards drops rapidly (41% against 34% hazards spotted

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