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Legology: The world’s only dedicated leg care beauty brand

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16th Nov 22 10:02 am

Founded by award-winning beauty journalist, Kate Shapland, Legology’s purpose is to deliver excellent leg care that makes the wearer feel great from the feet up.

So much of beauty focuses on visible results rather than targeting the root of common issues below the skin; this is especially true where cellulite is concerned. Legology is different. Our products are designed to make you feel uplifted from the first application and, with products that target fluid retention and puffiness, bring an energising lightness to your legs. Beauty standards can cause women to feel self-conscious about their legs. Legology’s mission? To help women feel confident in their bodies, whatever size or shape, with products that target issues few discuss but many experience.

Legology’s founder, Kate Shapland, started her career at Harper’s Bazaar and went on to make a name as a beauty journalist, writing and broadcasting with a strong voice across media, winning Beauty Journalist of the Year twice, and recognised for her contributions to the business by the Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW). With insight she learned from readers she wrote about matters that genuinely piqued them, and in developing Legology addressed deeply unsexy leg issues that many could not find a solution to. Kate founded Legology to fit this demand, a dedicated leg care brand offering comprehensive and refined solutions for feel-good legs as yet unrealised.

The Legology formulas were developed to be as effective as possible in a breakaway approach that puts the focus on promoting the lymph, the body’s natural ability to release the trapped fluid and toxins that compromise shape and lightness. From its groundbreaking cellulite oil to its leg-lightening and buttock firming creams, Legology is a brand determined to reshape the mindset to leg care, contours and confidence. Kate spent years developing the formulas and spa treatments with a French chemist and massage therapist to ensure that every product lives up to this gold standard.

The brand’s signature fragrance is by acclaimed French perfume house Robertet, who specialise in creating organic and sustainable scents from natural ingredients. The Legology scent integrates Amalfi lemons, mandarin oranges, rose extract and bergamot to evoke a ‘holiday freedom’ sensory experience and make your body care routine a truly uplifting and transformative experience.

Legology’s best-selling product is Cellu-Lite, a cellulite oil with a heavenly scent. Deeply moisturising, and targeted to relieve the fluid retention that causes fat cells to distort and manifest in the bumps so many women are familiar with, the oil gives impressive results: in clinical studies* conducted by Eurofins, 86% of the testing panel agreed that Cellu-Lite reduced the visibility of the imperfections caused by cellulite.  And 77% of users agreed the products delivered noticeable differences in 4 weeks.

In giving women the leg care tools that other brands don’t, and the bigger picture on leg issues, Legology is revolutionising the body care world. As a brand, they want to eradicate the stigma around the leg issues so many experience, and offer women real results with commitment. For Legology confidence starts from the feet up!

*Tested on 22 women in an independent 12 week clinical study

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