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Learn how to fund a startup business

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20th Oct 20 4:55 pm

Do you have a big billion-dollar business idea to venture? You probably need office space, a tech team, a website, and importantly, enough cash to pay your bills such as rent. The essential factor before you can venture into the business idea is capital.

Whether you want to establish a swanky cafe or a cool new app, you probably need funding to get started. The good news is, you have different options to get it.

Here is a list of how to get a loan and pick one right for you:

Loan lenders

If your business will start to gain traction and make money, getting a loan can make you earn more. Besides, you can check out whether you can qualify for Harmoney unsecured personal loans.

Many financial lenders continue to increase their commitment to small businesses. While each lender and individual business needs differ, a loan is an excellent option when looking for funds below $50,000.


Many entrepreneurs consider bootstrapping as a great way to start their businesses. Bootstrapping refers to funding a business by scraping together all personal funds one can get. It includes home equity lines, credit cards, and saving accounts they have.

Bootstrapping is an excellent approach to establish a business instead of borrowing money. You can continue using bootstrap to run the business until your business is profitable.

But, if you want to scale your business fast, the best option is to look for external sources of funding. However, it depends on the business type you want to build, although you can have a commonplace.

Friends and family

Another great option to fund a startup business is to ask friends and family for help. However, it might be a daunting prospect. Taping those close to you should be the first step before looking for external funding; it never hurts when you ask.

Before you approach friends and family, have a good business plan ready. That can help you explain to them your business venture and how you’ll make money.

Look for angels

If you want to start a tech business, you might need a lot of initial capital. The money can get you an office space or hire people. That’s what crowdfunding or bootstrapping will not afford you.

You’ll need to look for outside investors. And the right place you can start is to look for angel investors. Angel investors have high net worth and want to invest in promising business ideas and companies.

If you’re looking to find angels, you can get help from other entrepreneurs. Besides giving you direct loans, these investors can also host events or competition to provide entrepreneurs with more networking opportunities.

Explore alternative sources

If you are looking for a smaller amount to run your business, there are a few organizations that offer entrepreneurs with microloans.

Websites are providing low-income entrepreneurs with small funds. Another alternative is increasing the use of crowdfunding sites.

Bottom line

Finding business funds is the most challenging part of establishing your business off the ground. After saving, get approval for a loan or get other people who can invest in your business is along the road to success.

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