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Western allies are too cautious in supplying much needed weapons helping Russian forces to regroup

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
3rd Nov 23 8:48 am

Ukraine has said that because Western allies are overly cautious in supplying them with the latest high-tech weaponry this is allowing Russian forces to regroup and strengthen their defences.

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy C said the delay to the advanced powerful long-range weapons is frustrating, but non the less they are exceptionally grateful for the support.

“These systems were most relevant to us last year, but they only arrived this year,” Zaluzhny said in an interview for The Economist.

He added that the F-16 jets, due in 2024 will now be less helpful, in part because Russia have been able to improve its air defences.

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General Zaluzhny said, “It is important to understand that this war cannot be won with the weapons of the past generation and outdated methods.”

Zaluzhny added that there are no signs a revolutionary technological breakthrough, for example, in the field of drones or electronic warfare, is just around the corner for Ukraine.

But he insisted Ukraine has no choice but to maintain the initiative by continuing the offensive/

He added, “Just like in the first world war we have reached the level of technology that puts us into a stalemate.”

He said it would be a mistake to assume that he can stop Moscow bleeding their troops, adding. “That was my mistake. Russia has lost at least 150,000 dead. In any other country such casualties would have stopped the war.

“Let’s be honest, it’s a feudal state where the cheapest resource is human life. And for us…the most expensive thing we have is our people.”

The General is trying to prevent the war moving back into the trenches, as a long war would be beneficial to the Russian Federation.

He said, “The biggest risk of an attritional trench war is that it can drag on for years and wear down the Ukrainian state.”

The Geneal said they now have enough military personnel in Ukraine, however, a the longer the war continues, the more difficult it will be.

He added, “We need to look for this solution, we need to find this gunpowder, quickly master it and use it for a speedy victory. Because sooner or later we are going to find that we simply don’t have enough people to fight.”

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