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Hungary will not take part ‘in the war’ as the ‘threat of a world war is getting closer’

24th May 24 11:09 am

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that he will not participate “in the war” in Ukraine and Budapest are reassessing their role as a NATO member.

Orban told Kossuth radio station that Brussels is making military plans which includes “task forces working on ways for NATO to take part in this war.”

He said, “Hungary is opposed to this. The government is working intensively to figure out how to avoid participating in the war while remaining a NATO member.”

Orban added that Brussels is aware and said that Hungary is a “non-participant.”

He said, “There aren’t many situations in NATO’s history where member states openly took a distinct stance like Hungary is now doing.

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“Therefore, its role in the military alliance needs to be reassessed. Our lawyers and military are currently working on this.

“The issue should be resolved by Hungarian diplomacy.”

He insisted that Hungary will not take part in placing boots on the ground inside Ukraine or be a part of any NATO operation.

Orban stated that Hungary will not send weapons or funds and will not allow his country to be used as a staging ground to store weaponry for Ukrainian forces.

He then said that NATO are a defensive organisation which has not been attacked, the war is between Moscow and Kyiv only.

He said that Western leaders keep talking about the “Russian threat” and this is a “a manoeuvre by the West and Europe to pave the way for them to enter the war.”

The Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto warned that the threat of a world war is growing as a result of “insane statements” by Western leaders.

He said that there is a lot of talk about sending troops to Ukraine and in the background, Vladimir Putin has started non-strategic nuclear weapons training.

He claimed, “there has been no day without another crazy statement uttered by of some of the European politicians.”

Szijjarto told a news conference, “There are those who want to send soldiers to Ukraine. Others are already speculating about the use of nuclear weapons. Every day the threat of a world war is getting closer.

“We see what is happening: European politicians are making statements about the use of nuclear weapons. The Russians are conducting exercises involving tactical nuclear weapons.”

He added, that the “time has come to stop this madness.”

He continued, “That is why Hungary continues to tell its European partners that instead of indulging in crazy statements and fantasies that threaten to escalate [hostilities] they should spend at least half of their energy on achieving peace.

“Then there may be hope that this war will be ended at the negotiating table.”

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