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UN atomic watchdog ‘concerned’ Israel will attack Iran’s nuclear facilities

16th Apr 24 9:02 am

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Rafael Grossi has said that he is “concerned” that Israel will attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

On Sunday Iran closed their nuclear facilities amid “security considerations” as it has been widely reported that Israel could use an “E-bomb” or undertake air strikes at key locations.

Israel’s military chief warned on Monday that they will be responding to Saturday’s attack which saw hundreds of missiles and drones heading for Israel.

On Monday Iran reopened their nuclear facilities but IAEA inspectors were not allowed to visit “until we see that the situation is completely calm.”

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Grossi said on Monday, “We are going to resume tomorrow.

“This has not had an impact on our inspection activity.”

Israel is considering their military “options” after Iran’s missile and drone attack on Saturday evening and could conduct airstrikes on Iran.

The Middle East is on the brink and the region could be dragged into a wider conflict and many different “scenarios” are being considered.

The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) spokesman Peter Lerner said on Monday that Israel could “strike” or “not strike” as the military are considering many “different scenarios” as they putting together a “wide range of options.”

Israel’s war cabinet met again on Monday to discuss how they will respond to Iran’s attack on Saturday evening.

Government spokesman David Mencer said at a news briefing Israel “retains all its options.”

“We reserve the right to do everything in our power, and we will do everything in our power to defend this country,” he added.

The London based Elaph News has reported citing a “Western security official” that Israel have been doing air force exercises in preparation for attack Iranian nuclear sites.

A security expert has warned that if Iran attacks then Israel “will” use a new Electro Magnetic Pulse bomb (EMP) against Iran.

Israel’s leader Benjamin Netanyahu could end up using the E-bomb as a last resort which will be a “very unconventional response.”

A military defence expert who did not want to be named told the Daily Star, “If Iran does decide to attack Israel directly by attacking strategic sites in Israel, there is going to be a very unconventional response from Israel.

“For the first time ever in history, a new type of bomb will be used. It’s called the Electromagnetic bomb (E-bomb).

“It will be used against Teheran and other major centres in Iran. It will also be used in the areas where the Iranian nuclear facilities are found.”

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