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US sleepwalking into ‘catastrophic war in the Middle East’ as Israel considers military ‘options’ for Iran

15th Apr 24 3:09 pm

The US President has been accused of sleepwalking America into a “catastrophic war in the Middle East.”

Israel are considering their military “options” after Iran’s missile and drone attack on Saturday evening and could conduct airstrikes on Iran.

The Middle East is on the brink and the region could be dragged into a wider conflict and many different “scenarios” are being considered.

The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) spokesman Peter Lerner said on Monday that Israel could “strike” or “not strike” as the military are considering many “different scenarios” as they putting together a “wide range of options.”

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Israel’s war cabinet met again on Monday to discuss how they will respond to Iran’s attack on Saturday evening.

Government spokesman David Mencer said at a news briefing Israel “retains all its options.”

“We reserve the right to do everything in our power, and we will do everything in our power to defend this country,” he added.

The US President has vowed that America will provide “ironclad commitment” to defend Israel and told Benjamin Netanyahu, that “we do have to think carefully and strategically about risks of escalation.”

Fawaz Gerges, professor of International Relations and Middle Eastern Politics at the London School of Economics told NBC, “The strategy of the Biden administration has failed miserably. Biden is sleepwalking the US into another catastrophic war in the Middle East.

“His overarching goal of preventing the war in Gaza from escalating into neighbouring countries has failed. Biden has failed to influence Netanyahu’s decisions either in Gaza or towards Iran.”

Over the coming days the government will “decide on the steps forward” and a decision could be made today.

Lerner said, “Just because we were successful in intercepting, we shouldn’t underestimate what Iran did.

“We can’t take that lightly.”

Another IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari has vowed there will be both “offensive and defensive action” amid Iran’s attack.

On Sunday the Israeli war cabinet approved a “powerful response” on Iranian soil and an Israeli military official revealed that Israel’s Channel 12 told residents “not to go to bed yet,” as an attack on Iran is imminent.

An Israeli official has also told CNN that Israel is yet to decide if they will “break all the dishes” or take a more level headed response.

Senior Arab leaders are fearful that Israel could trigger a wider war across the Middle East and fear Benjamin Netanyahu’s “insane” response now the war cabinet has approved a strike on Iranian soil.

Max Abrahms, associate professor of political science at Northeastern University, has said that essentially, Iran has “declared war” on Israel.

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