Home Business News ‘Good riddance’ as Jeremy Corbyn ‘thrown out of Labour’ for ‘staining UK politics with antisemitism’

‘Good riddance’ as Jeremy Corbyn ‘thrown out of Labour’ for ‘staining UK politics with antisemitism’

24th May 24 12:31 pm

Jeremy Corbyn has been kicked out of the Labour Party after he announced he will be standing as an independent for Islington North on the 4 July general election.

The Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer banned Corbyn from standing for Labour as he never apologised over the handling of antisemitism in the party at the time.

Sir Keir told Sky News that he has banned Corbyn from standing at the election as he vowed he “would tear antisemitism out of our party by the roots.”

The Labour leader added: “That was my first solemn promise, and I followed through on that, and that is why I took the decision that Jeremy Corbyn would not stand as a Labour candidate at this election.

“Now what’s happened with Jeremy standing as an independent, that’s a matter for him.”

Corbyn said on Friday morning, “I am here to represent the people of Islington North on exactly the same principles that I’ve stood by my whole life: social justice, human rights and peace”.

In 2020, the Labour Party was found by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to have engaged in unlawful discrimination and harassment of Jews under the leadership of the Jeremy Corbyn.

The report followed the EHRC’s investigation of the Labour Party in which Campaign Against Antisemitism was the complainant, submitting hundreds of pages of evidence and legal argument. Sir Keir Starmer called the publication of the report a “day of shame” for the Labour Party.

Today, it was announced that Mr Corbyn has been expelled from the Party, and will be running as an independent candidate in the upcoming general election.

A spokesperson for Campaign Against Antisemitism said, “Good riddance. In the end, Jeremy Corbyn has been thrown out of the Labour Party not for his role in staining UK politics with antisemitism, but for standing as a candidate against the Party.

“This day should have come much sooner, and it should have been brought about due to his racism rather than party political reasons, but at last it is done.

“Almost four years after the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) vindicated our complaint against Labour by finding the Party to have unlawfully discriminated against, harassed and victimised Jews, the man responsible for that horrendous period has finally been shown the door.

“Sir Keir Starmer called the publication of the EHRC’s report a ‘day of shame’ for the Party. Today that era finally comes to an end and marks the new start for Labour that British Jews have long awaited. The man who made the Jewish community feel so unwelcome in Labour has finally been told that he is unwelcome in the Party he once led.”

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