Home Business News Brussels refuses to ‘draw parallels’ providing Israel air protection against Iran attacks and the Ukraine war

Brussels refuses to ‘draw parallels’ providing Israel air protection against Iran attacks and the Ukraine war

17th Apr 24 7:14 am

The European Union will not draw any parallels with US, UK and French support to help Israel over the Iran attack and repelling Russian airstrikes in Ukraine.

Ukraine are unable to protect themselves fully due to the lack of weapons, but Israel is being swamped with weaponry and afforded protection from missiles and drones and they have a formidable Iron Dome missile system, unlike Kyiv.

Spokesperson for the EU Foreign Diplomatic Service Peter Stano said, “I would not draw parallels between what happened over the weekend between Israel and Iran and what is happening in Ukraine.

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“The fact is that European Union and the member states of the European Union are providing Ukraine unprecedented assistance for the third year running, and this assistance includes also military assistance, including fighter jets, including air defense systems.”

Stano said that the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell is continuing to work with Western allies to “provide Ukraine” with more weaponry and air defences more “faster.”

Stano added, “The aggression [against Ukraine] continues, Putin shows that he is determined to further escalate.

“We have seen the recent attacks on the energy infrastructure in the country and other civilian targets.”

Next Monday in Luxembourg defence and foreign ministers will once “again discussed in the so-called ‘Jumbo’ format meeting.”

Stano concluded, “The Ukraine issue will be discussed. So, we are aware about the needs and we are trying to cover the needs with whatever the member states can provide.

“But ultimately it is in the hands of the member states what they send to Ukraine at what point in time.”

This comes as Ukraine has called on Western allies to show the same “unity” to Kyiv as they did to Israel by helping to shoot down drones and missiles.

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has grown frustrated with the constant delays by the West for military aid such as air defences to stop Russian attacks on energy infrastructure and civilian buildings.

President Zelensky wrote on Telegram, “The intensity of Russian attacks requires greater unity”.

“By defending Israel, the free world has demonstrated that such unity is not only possible, but also 100% effective.”

He added that “The same is possible in defending Ukraine, which, like Israel, is not a NATO member, from terror,” and urged Western allies for their “political will.”

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