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Italy is on the brink of mass starvation and economic collapse

3rd May 20 1:03 pm

Tensions in Italy are mounting as the country faces mass starvation due to the financial collapse, with millions out of work and have no money to buy food.

From Monday the country will start to ease their strict two-month lockdown which will see mass chaos as in recent days there have been fights breaking out in supermarkets.

A previous incident that took place and went viral on social media showed a family pleading with police as they were unable to withdraw money for their grandmother’s pension.

Other videos has shown people fighting in supermarkets as one refused to wear a face mask and another fight broke out as the person had no money to pay for food. The shopper insisted he “had no money but still had to eat.”

“Now people are more afraid, not so much of the virus, but of poverty. Many are out of work and hungry. There are now long queues at food banks,” a Priest told the Guardian newspaper.

Police are now guarding supermarkets in Palermo as people are being urged on Facebook to organise large raids on supermarkets and other food stores.

A taxi driver told Sky News, “The virus has lost its punch here, still it won’t take much, and we’ll be starving soon.

“I’m really scared. Because if you have debts or get behind on your mortgage, you can’t get new loans from the bank.”

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte publicly apologised on Friday to his citizens over delays in providing emergency financial aid.

Italy, which is the third largest eurozone economy, could be facing an unprecedented economic collapse as the countries credit rating was cut by Fitch to a step above junk.

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