Is FIFA finished? Here are five bigshots who think so


FIFA’s alleged foul has put it at the forefront of arguably the biggest corruption scandal in the history of football.

From David Cameron to FIFA sponsors, everyone is urging an overhaul of the football association.

The calls after nine FIFA officials were indicted on Wednesday morning in Zurich on charges including fraud, money laundering and bribery.

Take a look at people who think FIFA is finished:

1. UK Prime Minister David Cameron: “I welcome probe into FIFA”


2. London Mayor Boris Johnson: “FIFA’s credibility is shot”


3. Football Commentator Gary Lineker: “The major federations need to boycott FIFA”

Linkeker told BBC Sport: “It looks awful on the world governance of football, it is a wonderful sport. 

“I suppose it is surprising in terms of the timing and scale of it but I don’t think any of us are particularly surprised about the allegations of corruption within FIFA.

“There has already been many examples of that in previous years but I think it just shows you how deeply ingrained within the corporation it is.

“It is quite clear that either FIFA needs to be completely transparent, they need to pretty much start again or it needs to be taken out of their hands. The major federations need to boycott FIFA.”


4. Richard Branson: “FIFA needs to reinvent itself”


5. The Institute of Directors (IoD): “Sponsoring the World Cup shouldn’t dwarf ethical considerations”

Dr Roger Barker, director of corporate governance at the IoD, told said International Business Times: “Large multinationals who pour hundreds of millions of pounds of sponsorship into FIFA’s coffers every year cannot turn a blind eye to the gross failures of corporate governance at the organisation.

“To be associated with alleged corruption and bribery is a huge reputational risk. The fact that football is lucrative and there may be significant benefits to sponsoring the World Cup shouldn’t dwarf ethical considerations.”