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Increase your business productivity with tech

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16th Jul 20 10:57 am

Your business needs a boost in productivity, but you’re not sure how to make it happen. You don’t need to hold an office-wide meeting to talk about lagging projects and missed opportunities. If you want to make your business more efficient, you should turn to tech to get the job done.

Upgrade your computers

One thing that will slow down your productivity is your tech. Your employees will slog through their work when they have lagging computers and glitches that force them to call up the IT department for help. Your office needs to upgrade its computers — along with the related accessories — so that employees have dependable tech that can withstand the demands of their heavy workload.

When you’re looking for replacements, turn to the computer experts Small PC has to offer because they can guide you to the computer systems that will be perfect for your job field and for your employee duties. They have rugged computers that can survive just about anything that you can throw at them. If you need to conduct work outdoors, they can handle extreme temperatures and moisture. If you need the computer to function all day long, they will have high-performance processors that guarantee 24/7 efficiency.

Your employees won’t have to call up IT every day to have them check out a problem. They can push through their work and get things done.

Use project management apps

A 2018 poll found that 82% of employees found that poor information management led to problems with productivity across the company. Work slows down because of miscommunications and vague instructions. Employees aren’t sure what tasks to complete or who to work with. They don’t know who to ask for help or what colleagues they’re supposed to be contacting.

This is why you need to subscribe to project management software or apps for the whole office. Apps like Trello, Asana, or Monday.com, are good options that can help your management effectively delegate tasks, track work progress and keep everyone in communication. It will much easier than scheduling management meetings every single week with poor results.

Stop distractions

Research shows that about 89% of employees waste time while they’re at the office instead of focusing on their tasks. Some admitted to wasting hours of time while they’re on the clock. Employees can whittle away their work hours by chatting with their coworkers or dawdling at their desks, but the biggest distraction will be on their computer. They will be tempted to scroll through social media, watch entertaining videos or read the news.

You want them to buckle down on their projects, not browse online stores or their friends’ Instagram page. To make sure they stay on task, block popular websites on your office computers. To really incentivize them, encourage them to download distraction blocking apps like Freedom and Cold Turkey on their smartphone.

Productivity is not always an employee issue. Sometimes, it’s a workplace issue. By advancing your business’s tech, you can eliminate the usual distractions, organize task lists and gently push everyone to get more work done.

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