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How to secure your business against cyber threats

by LLB Editor
9th Dec 15 9:00 am

This is an excerpt from our e-guide, GET SET & GET SMART – 5 powerful tools you need for business, produced in partnership with IBM

A morality tale for the digital age, the Ashley Madison hack this summer taught businesses a valuable lesson in data protection. Possibly the first high profile hack to have dire personal and  emotional – rather than the usual financial – consequences, it highlighted just how important data protection is, and how vital it is to stay ahead of the constantly evolving and advancing threats to cyber security.

Thankfully, IBM’s integrated security systems can help your organisation stay safe. A unique system that covers prevention, detection and response to online security threats, IBM security features an integrated system powered continuously by 10 global research and development labs, so you can be confident that your cloud data is secure.


The average security threat currently goes undetected for 225 days, with most security breaches going unnoticed until the damage is done. IBM’s integrated security systems can help you to avoid costly delays and target threats in real time, using a combination of unique behavioural analytics and advanced security intelligence.


To target incoming malware, the technology uses a trident attack to break the life cycle of the virus; shutting down malware on entry, blocking the installation process and identifying existing viruses on the network to shut down communication with the malware source. 


Unlike other Cloud security systems, IBM Security includes access to real-time threat intelligence experts, who analyse attack behaviour across over 270 million endpoints and 25 billion web pages to provide you with up-to-date security advice. In the event of a security alert, IBM Emergency Response Services are there to provide immediate guidance and support using IBM Security QRadar Incident Forensics to investigate breaches and learn from the attack.



A major UK insurer faced a high volume of anomalous network activity. While only a tiny fraction warranted further investigation, determining which events to pursue threatened to overwhelm the company’s security experts. To protect its valuable data and comply with government regulations, the company needed to detect genuine security threats buried within a massive amount of network traffic.

The client turned to IBM for a cloud-enabled solution that winnows billions of security events down to a few urgent candidates for investigation. Now the client receives contextual, actionable surveillance of its entire global IT infrastructure, enabling its IT security team to monitor data across routers, switches, firewalls, VPNs, IDS/IPS, anti-virus, hosts and servers, databases, mail and web applications, custom devices, and proprietary applications.

IBM’s solution reduced complexity and cost through global integration of security intelligence systems, as well as improving efficiency by identifying high-priority incidents. These measures not only protect intellectual property but also customer loyalty.


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This e-guide has been produced in partnership with IBM

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