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How to prepare for a business trip

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17th Jun 21 10:00 am

Often travelling with work comes part and parcel of your job role and can be unavoidable. With rules relaxing, an increasing number of employees are now finding themselves out of the office. Whether you’re getting ready for an international business trip, driving or getting the train – it’s always handy to get a head start on preparations.

We’ve put together our top-tips for business travel, so you can focus on preparing for the meeting when you get there.

Sort travel and accommodation arrangements

Travel and accommodation arrangements don’t get any cheaper the longer you wait, so it’s best to make sure you have your car fueled and plane tickets booked ASAP. If you’re getting the train, book your tickets well in advance and keep an eye out for the train timetables in case of unexpected delays.

Get your documents ready

Especially if you’re travelling overseas, you’ll want to get all your documents ready in advance. Rather than scrambling around on the morning of your flight, get all important documents such as your passport, visa and identification ready for presentation upon request.

If you’re really organised, put them all in a plastic wallet so they don’t get crumpled en route.

Prepare for the meeting

If you’re getting public transport, use this time wisely to plan and perfect your presentation. First impressions count, so make good use of any free time to brush up on your numbers.

Make sure someone knows your itinerary

Especially true if you’re travelling overseas, make sure your loved ones and a trusted colleague have a copy of your itinerary. That way, should you be delayed or if something unexpected should happen, people will be able to search for you if needed.

Don’t drink too much and hold on to your receipts

If you hear the words “all expenses paid”, it can be tempted to go on a rampage knowing that it’s all technically free. However, that’s not quite what a business trip is all about. If you’re lucky enough to have an expenses-paid trip, try to keep things professional and don’t drink too much. Opt for a single beer or choose a soft drink instead.

And remember – keep your receipts! To be reimbursed properly, your employer will need record of the expenses to report to HMRC accurately. If you get rid of your receipts, you may find your employer won’t reimburse you.

And last but not least…

Try to enjoy it! While business trips can be stressful, they also offer a way to travel and see more of the world while furthering your career. If your schedule allows, try to have a look around the city you’ll be visiting and take time to stop and take in the sites. If it’s nice, maybe you could go back there on your next leisure break?

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