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How to manage your communication with customers best

by John Saunders
18th Jan 21 2:36 pm

Smooth client communication is truly crucial for every business because it makes it possible to fulfill all the consumers’ needs and expectations. Sometimes it goes without any problems, and both sides are equally satisfied with the outcome.

However, not every client is open, understanding, and friendly, and sometimes they may not be happy with the customer service you provide. Nowadays, it not only means they may resign from the purchase themselves, but they also may discourage other people from choosing your company by writing unfavorable reviews online and harming your marketing efforts.

In order to help you avoid that, we have prepared a list of tips for managing communication with clients more efficiently. Keep on reading to learn them all!

Apply proper communication tools

To communicate with clients in a modern way, you need to apply proper tools. Of course, many customers are still asking questions via email or phone call, but more and more of them (especially the younger ones) willingly turn to mobile apps. They love it when it is possible to, for example, book a visit, pay the bill, or contact customer service with just a few taps on their smartphone or tablet. For this reason, Weave communications or other application use is now very important to attract clients and make them see that your business is developing and following the latest trends.

Understand (and even exceed) customer expectations at the very start

One of the most significant aspects of your client relationships is understanding their needs. In this way, you can do your best to try to meet their expectations or even exceed them. Before starting to cooperate with a new client, communicate with them to make everything clear, and achieve such crucial information as:

  • Project’s aims
  • Risks to consider
  • Desired final result
  • Expected standard
  • Necessary deadline

It is the client meeting that should be put before any other project management stages. Keep in mind that even if you and your employees see something as crucial, your clients may not share the same belief or the other way round. Understanding them well from the start will prevent you from having to make sudden significant changes in a project due to a misunderstanding that has taken place at the beginning of the cooperation.

Standardise communication methods

Standardisation of a process in a company usually results in avoiding too much chaos. It is definitely the case when it comes to client communication management! If everyone uses their own way to approach customers, certain types of information can be lost and not transferred to the right specialists.

For this reason, you should work on certain procedures on how your team should contact your clients and prepare useful reports that will reach the right person. Then, organise a meeting where you will explain them to everyone involved, letting them ask questions, and making sure all the team members fully understand both the means and the purposes of such implications.

Try to adapt to your client’s work style

Just as everyone’s different, every company’s work style may vary as well. At the initial phase of communication with a particular client, try to find out what their pace is. You may ask, for example, if they prefer weekly or monthly reports, or at what preferred days and hours you may contact them.

By doing so, you will make the communication go smoother because you will always know what time to choose to increase the chances of getting a response right away. What is more, it is an easy way to show a client that you want to do everything you can to improve their experience with your business and adjust your services to their individual requirements.

Empathise with your client

It is not hard to get so focused on your company’s operations, procedures, and logistics to forget that you are dealing with a real person who has their own pressures and fears during a phone call or other form of client communication. Take your time to emphasise with your client and see their perspective – it may prove very effective in improving your relationship with them.

Try to understand their concerns and adjust your services to make sure you are doing everything to help them reach their goals with your products or services. Showing such an approach, you can create a bond making this client come back to your offer whenever necessary.

The bottom line

All in all, there are many ways to improve client communication in your company. For instance, you can look for the best tools that will make your business more modern and allow your customers to contact you and do other crucial actions via a mobile app.

You can also try to empathise with your clients more, understand their needs, and adjust your services to their work style to let them know they are really important to you. What is more, it is worth improving your team’s communication management procedures to make it smooth and unproblematic.

Thanks to such enhancements, your brand will be known for its great customer service, and it will be easier for you to attract more clients than your competitors. Good luck!

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