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Four ways to improve communication with customers

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13th May 19 11:59 am

Customers are extremely important for any business. The basic idea behind starting a business is to earn profit ultimately. That profit can only be gained if a sale has been made. These days, companies are spending lots of money on improving customer business relations.

If you want to know about improving communication with a customer, then keep reading.

We live in a digital world where virtual presence is more important than the physical presence of the person. Technology connects people from all walks of life and continues to make the world smaller.

Imagine losing a customer if you couldn’t have proper communication with them on the phone due to landline issue. It would certainly be very devastating for the business.

Let me navigate you towards four ways with which you can improve communication with a customer:

Use plain English on the website and when communicating over E-mails

This is very important to consider. Don’t forget that your business website might be visited by any type of the user. A prospective visitor could be a layman or a CEO of a well-reputed company. What will really bridge the gap between you and the customer is the plain and understandable language. It is very imperative that the customer doesn’t have any issue with connecting online. Moreover, keep the e-mail language extremely simple. Don’t use tough vocabulary which is not easily understandable.

Contact during morning and afternoon

If you are looking forward to seeking a customer review or anything like that, then it is better to contact during afternoon or early morning. Refrain from contacting in the wee hours of night. If you want to improve your communication with the customer, then you must take care of their comfort zone. Customers might get pissed off if you approach them during busy or late hours.

Improve your telephonic communication

Landlines always cause great trouble between the customer and the communicator. Are you using the conventional telephone line to contact your customer? What have you don’t to enhance voice quality over the phone? We have a simple idea and a solution here. It is better to seek professional help. Some companies provide top-notch services to their clients by installing a virtual PBX phone system. Once can easily communicate with the customer via VoIP communication to enhance the voice over the phone.

Be customer friendly

Talking in a very formal tone might just piss them off. Treat them as if they are your friends. Customers feel valued and loved when they are shown respect and treated as friends; your tone has to be user-friendly so that it immediately bags in the customer. The tougher you will be on the tone, higher are the chances that your customer might never take the phone call again. Moreover keep the conversation very short, who knows what the other person might be busy with during your call.


Always respect customers. Your communication with them as an employee is very pivotal in expanding the business. Customers can be highly beneficial if they are valued in return. Customers are the building blocks of a business, and when they return, then the business gets inflated. Taking care of customers, in the long run, will surely reap great benefits for the business in the future.

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